Apply to be a Guest on the Nine Worlds 2014 Podcasting Track

Nine Worlds is a residential, multi-media, London-based convention celebrating all aspects of geek culture.

Some of our GeekFest Tracks are being run as mini-cons in their own right under the Nine Worlds umbrella, and some are run as discussion streams hosting conversations on aspects of particular fandoms. Some are put on by fandom clubs looking to introduce their passion to new fans, and some are hosted as taster events for other fan-based conventions that run at other times of year.

One of the new conventions on the block Nine Worlds has the great idea to have a mini track dedicated to the shadowy world of podcasting. In a move that may or not be a clever one (time will tell) they have asked me and Stephan Aryan of the Comic Book Outsiders Podcast to run this mini track. Seeing as I attended Nine Worlds as a guest last year and had a great time I was honored to be invited to help out for year two.

In order to get the ball rolling and see just how many podcasters are interested in being involved with the Podcasting mini track Steve and I have designed a short online form for anyone looking to take part.

All the details and a link to the form are below.

Podcast track – Apply to be a guest!
CALLING ALL PODCASTERS: come get involved in the podcasting track at Nine Worlds! 

The podcasting track at Nine Worlds is designed for those interested in learning more about podcasting and where it sits in the modern media landscape. We are interested in hearing from people currently involved in producing their own content. Whether you are new to podcasting, or are an old hand, we want to hear from you.

If you would like to take part and be involved in the podcast track at Nine Worlds this year, please fill in the following form. Even if you are unable to attend the event in person and live outside the UK, you can still get involved by producing some pre-recorded content, so please fill in the form as well. The track organisers will get in touch with you closer to the time to let you know if you have been chosen to be on a panel, or to coordinate the release of pre-recorded content.

Please note that applications will not be accepted after 15th April.

Reporter: Nuge

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