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Few adventure serials evoke as much emotion and imagery as Richard Carpenter’s Robin of Sherwood. Aired in the early 1980s, the series was a new take on the legendary outlaw, blending history with mysticism in a way that seemed almost believable. It had a great cast of young actors – including Clive Mantle and Ray Winstone who formed a band of outlaws that did not always agree but were loyal to each other.

Audio production company Spiteful Puppet did a great job with their Indigogo campaign to produce a new Robin of Sherwood adventure from an un-aired script by the show’s creator. Knights of the Apocalypse was produced as a charity release and saw the surviving cast come together to inhabit their old characters once again. You can check out our review of that drama here.

But enough about the past. The company are currently putting together another box-set of audio adventures for Robin and his gang and production of this is taking longer than they anticipated. But fans of Robin of Sherwood (or indeed of historical or fantasy drama as a whole) should not worry as the news is not truly glum. A series of four stand-alone audio books read by members of the cast are available to download for the low price of £5.99 each. These are available from the company’s web store. The adventures run at between an hour and an hour-and-a-half each so are perfect listening for a commute.

Here’s the official low-down from Spiteful Puppet:

The Waterford Boy – Read by Judi Trott (Maid Marion) and written by Jennifer Ash.


“Robin is angered by the Sheriff’s new people tax… but his rage is nothing compared to that of Will Scarlet when he hears Alwin mutter the name, D’Marelle. For Will and the recruiter have met before… many years ago…”


Mathilda’s Legacy – Read by Michael Craig (Earl of Huntingdon) and written by Jennifer Ash.


“David realised why his offspring behaved in the way he did. After all, Robert of Huntingdon was Mathilda’s son. He was her legacy. The moment couldn’t be put off any longer. It was time to tell his son the story of how the Earl had met Robert’s mother…”


The Templar’s Promise – Read by Phil Rose (Friar Tuck) and written by Iain Meadows


“On the run and desperate for help, Brother Michael offers Robin and the outlaws the chance to secure a fortune in gold. If Robin is to get his hands on it, he must face betrayal and an enemy who is every inch his match…”


The Blood That Binds – Read by Nickolas Grace (Sheriff of Nottingham) and written by Iain Meadows


“The Hooded Man will face an adversary who is playing a long game, one that will see Herne’s son fulfil a destiny and set blood against blood in more ways than one…”

I’ve listened to Robin of Sherwood: The Blood That Binds and will be getting a review of it up in the near future. The story was very much in-keeping with the tone of the original television show and in that story specifically, Nickolas Grace really captures the essence of the beloved characters in his delivery.

Head on over to the Spiteful Puppet web site to grab yourself an early Christmas present. I know I’ll be heading back over to pick up the others at some point soon … once the bank is re-filled probably. Pesky outlaws keep emptying my bank balance every month …

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