Christmas in Sherwood – Michael Praed returns as Robin Hood

There’s a reason I took up archery. A reason I love being in woodland environments and took up an interest in bushcraft and survival skills. A reason I nearly always play a ranger character in role-play games and a reason I fancy myself with a mullet (though I always cut my hair before my wife divorces me). That reason is Michael Praed.

I guess that’s an over-simplification, but Robin of Sherwood holds such a dear spot in my heart and my childhood that I can’t really vocalise the nostalgia I get for the program. I was only tiny when the series aired – three years old but the imagery that it invoked has remained with me throughout my life and when I got hold of the series on VHS, then DVD, then Blu-Ray, I was astounded how much of my memory was accurate. Robin of Sherwood was up there with the Doctor (from Doctor Who) and later, James Bond as being someone I truly wanted to be when I grew up.

So it’s with great joy that I can bring this news to you: Michael Praed has returned to his role as Robin of Loxley – the original Robin of Sherwood in “Sanctuary”. This Christmas special by Spiteful Puppet is released today, 22 December 2017. The adventure features not only Michael, but the definitive Sheriff of Nottingham (Nickolas Grace) and Daniel Abineri reprising the role his father defined in the television series as Herne the Hunter.

Nickolas Grace had the following to say on Michael’s return:

I’m thrilled that Michael Praed is returning to the role of Robin Hood after a mere 33 years! He was one of the three reasons I accepted the original Goldcrest offer in 1983:


I’d always wanted to play The Sheriff of Nottingham; 2) I loved Kip Carpenter’s writing for “Catweazle” and wanted to speak his lines as The Sheriff; & 3) I’d seen Michael’s charismatic Frederick in “Pirates of Penzance” at Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, thought he’d be a perfect Robin, and that it would be exciting to play his antagonist in a new TV Series. I made the right decision!

Here’s the official burb from Spiteful Puppet:

“Two enemies find themselves trapped together in an abandoned church on the far edge of Sherwood. Robin of Loxley and the Sheriff of Nottingham are both wounded, and without weapons, in the care of a hedge-priest.


The ancient law of sanctuary means that no blood can be shed but emotions are running feverishly high.


As the snow continues to fall, and with no apparent means of escape, new dangers begin to emerge. It becomes increasingly difficult to tell friend from foe…”

The story is released on pay day, so this is definitely something I’ll be grabbing a copy of to listen to over the festive period. The audio will be available in Spiteful Puppet’s online store, so head on over and grab a copy.

Robin of Sherwood Sanctuary Cast

Michael Praed, Nickolas Grace and Andy Secombe

Source: Press Release
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