Is Bastille Day Idris Elba’s Jack Bauer Film?

Idris ElbaI am a huge fan of Idris Elba in everything he does apart from Luther. This news about a action movie sounds like a welcome change of pace for the British actor.

So far Elba has had some great characters to play with including my favourite of Stringer Bell on The Wire. Some moody and some evil and some godly but I really want to see him let loose in all out action. Bastille Day looks like it could be that film and it could be the start of a franchise if done right. Is Bastille Day Idris Elba’s Jack Bauer Film? I hope so.

The screenplay, written by Andrew Baldwin, zeroes in on an American operative who must interrogate – and potentially terminate – a young fellow countryman who is considered the prime suspect in an attack on the Paris metro network. The US government wants the case brushed under the rug to avoid a diplomatic incident, until our hero discovers that not only is the lad innocent, but he may be the only link to the person who is actually responsible for the violence.

Source: Empire
Reporter: Montoya

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