Behind the Sofa (Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who) New Edition of Charity Book Available

Behind The SofaBehind the Sofa is a great book. Initially crowd funded, Steve Berry gathered a host of testimonials from celebrities about Doctor Who. All proceeds from the book go to Alzheimer’s Research UK. The book has recently been updated and published in a new edition.

After the break, we present a testimonial from the latest edition. The testimonial is from Urban Fantasy author Ben Aaronovitch (who has also penned two Seventh Doctor television stories and three Doctor Who novels.

This edition, published by Gollancz is available on Amazon in Hardcover or Kindle format, retailing at £9.99. I highly recommend it’s purchase in this 50th anniversary month. Whether for your self or as a Christmas present, the book is a great read and on top of that you’ll be helping a very worthy cause.

Here’s Ben’s entry from the book, which gives a great taste of the type of testimonial included:

behind the sofa aaronovitch

As an extra bonus, here’s some of my thoughts on Doctor Who, as published on the Radio Times web site earlier this year:

Doctor Who is the ultimate in escapist television – especially for those like me who were never the most athletically adept. The Doctor was always the thinking man’s hero and this has been part of his charm over the years. Our favourite Time Lord is also a great moral role-model. He stands up for what is right and this is needed in modern society. It’s often been my way, over the years, to ask myself: what would The Doctor do? I can’t say he’s ever steered me wrong.

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