Being Human gets another Vampire?

Well sort of.  It seems that the actor who played the teenage Vampire Adam, Craig Roberts, has spoken to the fine folks at SFX about a possible return. After that superb ending of the last series I am really interested to see where they go.

I’m really happy to do Being Human again because it’s a fantastic show, and if Becoming Human wants to go again, I’m game.

Read the rest of the article here.


GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. The linked article is a little bit disingenous. Tells us definitively that it’s just a guest slot, then vaguely tries to spin speculation out of it. Certainly, if he’s considering Becoming Human, that suggests he won’t be a series regular in Being Human.

    Personally, I’m thinking that there will be another vampire, but it’ll be the girl-detective from this last series. We saw her bitten, but didn’t see her disposed of. And a lot was made of her that was then extinguished by her apparent death.

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