Brand New ‘The Time Of The Doctor Trailer’ is Here

DrWho_logoHere it is! After four years and three series, Matt Smith’s tenure as the Timelord is coming to an end. Expectations will be high following last month’s triumphant 50th Anniversary episode, and this trailer, released today by the BBC, suggests the eleventh Doctor will get the epic send off he deserves.

Hopefully, more will be revealed about the events following the climax of the seventh series when the Doctor jumps into his own attempted to rescue his companion, Clara.

So what do we learn from the trailer?

“The siege of Trensilor has begun”- The sinister location of last series’ finale will obviously be a key location in the episode, where (hopefully) more will be revealed about the ‘Tomb of the Doctor’.

The Doctor is heading into some kind of trap! Who has set this trap? Will it lead to his regeneration?

Either way, the presence of the Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels and The Silence suggests he will have plenty to contend with!

What ever end the Doctor faces, there’s one thing that all fans will be looking forward to: Peter Capaldi’s entrance as the 12th Doctor!

Reporter: Dan Tovey

Source: BBC

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