Bryan Hitch and Emma Vieceli Bring the Sass to Kendal

This is getting ridiculous now! Every time I turn my back the team at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival hit me with more cool news trying to incite in. They are like the sirens of new comic conventions drawing people towards their shores with songs that herald the arrival of more comic brethren.

Their latest verse speaks to the appearance of Bryan Hitch and appointment of Emma Vieceli as a festival patron. The appointment has recognised something that we’ve known for a while – Emma Vieceli is awesome.

All the news is in press release.

Kendal, UK, 10th July 2014: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival is pleased to announce artist Bryan Hitch as its final major guest for its weekend-long event in Kendal, Cumbria in October – and the appointment of comic creator Emma Vieceli as a Festival patron.

In an interview for Cumbria Live, online today, Bryan said: “It’s the only show I’m going to do. I have stopped doing conventions but I was persuaded, partly because I heard about this festival’s more European vibe.”

Bryan has been a leading creative force in American comic books for over 25 years. Having worked on characters such as GI JoeTransformersSuperman and The X-Men for 12 years, he then co-created The Authority with RED’s Warren Ellis.

Widely regarded as a game-changing series, said “The Authority is the DNA of 98 per cent of the superhero comics published today!” For his work, Bryan was labelled as the first ‘Widescreen’ comicbook creator.

After working on DC Comic’s then best-selling Justice League comics he and Mark Millar together created the ground-breaking Marvel series, The Ultimates. In that book, Hitch and Millar created a tonal template for modernizing the classic Marvel characters known collectively as The Avengers for a general audience and it’s a direction that all the Marvel movies have since followed.

In July 2004 Joss Whedon, who would later write and direct The Avengers, wrote of The Ultimates; “Hitch is one of the greatest artists of our day. You get the right mix of writer, artist and characters, set ‘em loose and you get a book that’s not only diverting, it’s necessary. That’s how good the Ultimates is.”

Real Heroes #3 Cover

In 2010 the Los Angeles Times named The Ultimates as The Series of the Decade. Since that series, Bryan has continued to work on a variety of key Marvel projects until 2011, when he created America’s Got Powers with the British TV legend Jonathan Ross. Real Heroes, his first solo creation, is published through Image Comics.

Outside comics, Bryan has worked on a number of film and television projects. In 2005, When Russell T. Davies revived Doctor Who for the BBC he invited Bryan to join him on the project. Instrumental in helping to create the visual direction for the show, Hitch designed the TARDIS set and numerous creatures, aliens and space ships.

Although uncredited, Damon Lindelof and JJ Abrams invited Bryan to work on the big screen relaunch of Star Trek. Unable to join the production full time, he consulted directly with Abrams over key visual elements and contributed the design for Spock’s space ship as seen in the finished movie.

Bryan is currently developing further projects both as sole creator, or as co-creator with Mark Millar and others.

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Source:  Lakes International Comic Art Festival 

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