So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re know that the annual Children in Need fundraising behemoth is doind the rounds once again. Doing his bit for a great cause Tony Lee has stepped up to offer all 16 issues of his Doctor Who run on IDW for auction on ebay.

I’ll pass the sonic screwdriver over to Tony so he can explain further or you can head straight to the auction here


Hi, I’m Tony Lee and I’m the writer of the ongoing Doctor Who comic from IDW. The Tenth Doctor run ended last month with issue #16, and the Eleventh Doctor starts with issue #1 in January.

I’m also a massive fan of CHILDREN IN NEED, as Pudsey helped me through a bad patch almost nineteen years ago.

Because of this, I’m setting up a special, ONE TIME ONLY auction – of EVERY SINGLE ONE of the recent Tenth Doctor ongoing comic, ALL SIXTEEN ISSUES, each one signed with a message / dedication of your choice.

As these comics are hard to find in the UK this is a perfect time to sort your collection, a perfect Christmas present! But most importantly, EVERY PENNY THIS AUCTION MAKES goes to BBC TV’s CHILDREN IN NEED, and the children that the show helps.

So come on, don’t be tight, bid free and easy! And if you’re an American buyer who’s at Chicago TARDIS next week, I’ll even bring them to you personally!

If you don’t win, please consider giving your losing bid to CHILDREN IN NEED anyway – they’re a great cause, and need all that they can get.

Postage is set at £2.50 for the UK, other countries would be worked out as requested.

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