Cancertown – Thoughts on the Online Preview

Seeing that this seems to be Cancertown monday here’s a online preview I read over at Myebook (which I have to say is shaping up pretty well, look out for a feature on the site soon). I think this way of previewing your upcoming comics is excellent and as it’s free there’s no reason that every Indie creator out there should not be using Myebook.

I currently using Myebook and put together a multimedia preview of my book Fallen Heroes. I’ll report back here and on the podcast how I got on using the system. 

In the meantime check out the Cancertown Preview. I said in a previous article that I enjoyed the preview which I did.

I’d previously read Cy’s (the writer behind Cancertown) worked on Starship Troopers and this was no exception. While reading the preview I thought the main character came across as a kind of Sam Spade type down trodden Private eye with a real touch of the bizarre thrown in. By the end of the preview I didn’t know exactly what was going on (I’m pretty sure this was intentional on Cy’s part) but sure as hell I wanted to know more.

I thought the art went well with the story with some real creepy as hell images (and it get worst when you check out some of the preview images).

One of the most difficult aspects of any kind of writing is dialogue, making it flow and sound natural. I think dialogue is one of Cy’s strengths and it comes across in the preview.

Anyway I’ve rambled for long enough, go and check it out for yourself!

Myebook - Cancertown - click here to open my ebook

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