Cargo – A Sci-fi London Movie Review

It’s sci-fi, it’s not set on Earth but on a spaceship.  Hooray I’m already feeling positive about it.  Cargo is a Swiss German offering from Directors Ivan Engler and Ralph Etter.

Set in a future where earth can no longer support life most of it’s inhabitants now live in massively overcrowded space stations.  The only ray of light is Rhea, a paradise planet five light years from earth.

Anna-Katharina Schwabroh plays Laura a medic who takes a job on a Cargo ship, on a four  year journey to station 42, in order to earn enough to afford a trip to Rhea to see her sister. Most of the journey is done in Cryo sleep with each member of the crew doing an 8 month waking shift.  Towards the end of Laura’s shift, she starts to get the feeling that she is no longer alone.  The rest of the crew are wakened and that’s when things start to go seriously wrong.  Whats hidden in the freight containers an who or what is aboard?


Bath time in the future just isn't the same


So many comparisons came to mind while watching this moving.  It nails it’s influences quite clearly and proudly to the mast.  It has the raw sci-fi appeal of MOON, the claustrophobic atmosphere of Alien and the terror of Sunshine all rolled into one.  This is another movie whose effects relly impress considering the low budget it must’ve had.  The plot was not unfamiliar but decent nonetheless, although I did feel that the love story was a bit rushed in it’s development. I don’t know what the budget was but guessing that it wsn’t a patch on hollywoods big sci-fi epics , the scenery and effects were impressive and effective. Schwabroh’s  determined vulnerability was a real asset to the production the performances were all fairly decent even though none of the characters are easy to empathise with.

It’s really interesting to see a movie that doesn’t rely on a lot of the casual banter we see in a lot of American movies of this ilk. There are some obvious flaws in this storyline though but despite that this remains a solid science fiction offering.  More like this please.

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