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B7 Media recently announced it was to bring back classic British science fiction character Dan Dare in a new audio production.

This week B7 have confirmed that actor Ed Stoppard would be playing the intrepid Pilot of The Future who thrilled young readers as Britain’s answer to Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers.

His adventures thrilled young readers in the comic pages of Eagle during the nineteen fifties.

Stoppard who has appeared in such movies as The Pianist and Brideshead Revisited seems rather please to be taking on the role.

It’s very exciting to have been cast as Dan Dare,” says Ed Stoppard. “We’re having a ball. It’s very nice to be doing something that isn’t overly earnest, and is great fun at the same time – although I’m also learning a lot about cosmology, quantum mechanics, plasma drives and the like.”

Joining Stoppard will be Geoff McGivern as Digby, Dare’s loyal batman. McGivern will be familiar to science fiction fans as the original Ford Prefect in the BBC radio version of Douglas Adam’s The Hitch –Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

It’s an effable delight to play Digby in Dan Dare,” says Geoff McGivern, who is convinced Douglas Adams was inspired by the Eagle comic strip the new audio adventures are based on. “I’m sure Hitch Hiker’s came out of Douglas re7f77c359-eb56-43b6-9318-1eec18c71f03ading Dan Dare, because he was the same age as me, and created his own take.”

Heida Reed, who will be familiar to viewers of the BBC’s recent Poldark series is playing Professor Peabody, the long-suffering foil to Dan Dare’s man of action.

It’s a great challenge,” says Heida Reed … “and very different to Poldark. It’s great to play a character like this – she’s both intelligent and challenging.”

Completing the main cast is Michael Cochrane as Space Fleet Boss Sir Hubert Guest and Raad Rawi as Dan Dare’s nemesis the Mekon, surely one of the most iconic figures in early British science fiction.

It’s been a long-held ambition of mine to bring Dan Dare back to the radio waves,” says producer/director Andrew Mark Sewell. “We’ve not only managed to bring together a superb cast, but in Ed Stoppard we’ve found a lead actor who embodies the spirit of the original Dan Dare and makes him feel utterly relevant today.”

B7 Media has states that these new Dan Dare audio adventures will offer “…a distinctly 21st century take on the space adventure hero first brought to life in Eagle comic in the 1950s.”

With guest stars such as Nicholas Briggs of Doctor Who fame and Hugh Fraser (Agatha Christie’s Poirot) this is shaping up to be a must listen audio experience.

Geek Syndicate will certainly bring you a review of the series once it is released.

Source: Press Release
GS Blogger:  Matt Davis @DecadentGent

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