Cereal:Geek Sample Issue Produced

geek Same/as Now available

cereal:geek Same/as Now available

 Fans of 1980s animation rejoice! The self-published quarterly magazine (Issue 4 out now: £6.00) is now available as a PDF sample download.

Well, sort of. For £1.50, you are getting a PDF compilation issue called Cereal:Geek Same/As. This contains 100 pages (that’s a whole ton ladies and gentlbeings) of articles and artwork from the first four issues. All the proceeds from sales of this and the main magazine go straight back into the production fund.

The magazine itself is truly excellent and I’d recommend it to anyone with an interest in any cartoon series. At £6.00 every quarter (or their abouts) it’s cheaper than a pint a week and truly a bargain. I believe it works out deerer for our American cousins though – but I’d still recommend it. Regular articles include:

  • Analyze the Intro
  • What If an Episode were a Comic Cover?
  • Voice Actor Spotlight
  • Trivia of the 80s
  • From Toy to Toon
  • Sidekicks of the 80s

The list goes one. Each issue also contains a plethora of excellent original artwork and a humour comic in the form of the excellent lilformers.

BUY BUY BUY. See also the review of Issue 4 on the GS Site.

Source: Cereal:Geek Clicky the linky to preview and purchase

GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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