Chan Wook Park’s Thirst Trailer Now Online

Just letting you guys know that the first trailer for Thirst is now being circulated online. It’s directed by Chen Wook Park, the mind behind Oldboy.

Thirst follows Sang Hyen, a Catholic priest who sacrifices his life in order to bring a cure to the latest epidemic illness. After a failed attempt at a vaccine, Sang dies, yet miraculously recovers. Considered a miracle, people come far and wide to see Sang. Including a childhood friend and his wife. However, the after effects kick up and kill Sang. A day later, he awakens a vampire and must deal with the guilt of an unquenchable thirst for his friend’s wife.

I love Park’s stuff. It’s Korean cinema mixed in with Park’s own vision. It’s something breathtaking and inspired. Something we almost rarely see in western cinema and if seen, xeroxed into the ground by Marketing. The thing I like about Park’s style is the way he frames the shot not only with the lens, but with light and shadows as well. Every scene in the trailer is a picture in itself.

The movie will be released April 30th in Korea with a rumored entry into Cannes. Focus Entertainment has picked up the rights for the US, so there is a possibility for a wide release.

Poster after the jump

Source: Wildgrounds, Twitch

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