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The big announcement from Image Comics at the Emerald City Comicon was from Joe Keatinge (Shutter, Glory) and Khary Randolph (Deadpool, Justice League Beyond): they were teaming up to launch Tech Jacket #1, the first in an all-new print series. And we have the preview images. Check them out! What do you think?




The story features Zack Thompson, who is a community college dropout. Also known as “Tech Jacket,” and the self-named “Galactic Guardian of the Earth”, he may have bitten off more than he can chew. In the words of Image: “A loved one is threatened, a new enemy rises to power, and Tech Jacket must reassess his alliances.”  The Tech Jacket Digital miniseries originally debuted at Image Expo and was a huge success.


“Getting to bring back Tech Jacket to comics with Khary Randolph as an over-the-top, no-budget-constraint sci-fi blockbuster constantly upping the ante has been been absolutely thrilling to be a part of,” said Keatinge. “Khary and colorist Emilio Lopez combine their great skill to create science fiction visuals on a galactic scale, which are set to blow the minds of all who behold them.”


So we have a very bold style with a father and son one minute looking out at the stars and the next battling enormous, hideous and vicious aliens.  The visuals are striking and there’s some wit in the dialogue. The design of the tech itself and the alien are fun, and there is an overall nod – if not clear influence – to manga anime. All looks good to me.


Tech Jacket #1 will be available from July 2 2014 for $2.99 and you can pre-order it with Diamond Code: MAY140599.  Tech Jacket Digital is still available from all the usual online places.

Source: Image Comics
GS Blogger: Ian J Simpson

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