COMIC REVIEW: Baltimore – The Witch of Harju, Issue 1

The Mignolaverse continues to grow with the release of this new miniseries in the popular Baltimore saga.

Lord Henry Baltimore, wooden legged veteran of World War One, is a man with a mission; to stamp out supernatural evil wherever he finds it. His main targets in the past have been the blood sucking undead, but in this first issue of The Witch of Harju, he comes up against an new evil just as dangerous.

Joint creators and series writers Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden continue to expand the world of Baltimore but taking us to Estonia in the 1920s; a bleak landscape brought vividly to life by series newcomer Peter Bergting who follows on from original Baltimore artist Ben Stenbeck.

The story is really intriguing.

Baltimore and his companions save the life of a young woman being pursued by the walking corpse of her dead husband.

After a shockingly violent beginning the story starts to develop and impending sense of dread. Of course we do not find out fully what is going on, but there are enough clues and teases littered throughout, including perhaps the one of the creepiest cats ever seen in a comic book.

Baltimore’s companions are written with very little personality to make them fully memorable but when the rest of the product is steeped in such wonderful gothic atmosphere you hardly notice.

Peter Bergting, formally of other Dark Horse titles, The Portent and Domovoi is an excellent successor to Stenbeck, and his artwork suits the look and feel the Mignolaverse books have been creating since the first Hellboy. Bergting’s art is complemented beautifully by Dave Stewart’s colour work, creating a palate of saturated dark and grey colours that make the intrusion of the very red blood all the more dramatic.

This is a great first issue in what promises to be another solid Baltimore tale.

Rating: 4/5

Source: Dark Horse Comics
GS Blogger: Matt Davis  @DecadentGent

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