Comic Review – Blue Spear

The first spin-off in a trilogy of books from the critically acclaimed Graphic Novel, Forty-Five , by Andi Ewington.

A guardian watches over Tokyo. Nobody knows where he came from. Some say he was created by the Yurei, ghosts of the sea, sent to remind mortals that it is they, not men that control mankind s fate. Others say he is a freak of nature, a violation of evolution s natural development and as such, should be captured and studied. Loved by many, vilified by few; he exacts swift justice to those who stand against him. Whatever he is, wherever he came from, one thing is certain… BlueSpear is here to stay.

Writers: Andi Ewington and Eddie Deighton

Artist: Cosmo White

Price: £6.99  $11.99

Pages: 60

Release Date: July 22nd

Publisher: Com.x

At the start of this review I posed the question “What is 45?  I think, in many ways, 45 is a business model for comx. There are already plans afoot to give some of the characters within the pages of 45 their own comics and I’m sure they wont be the last. There is enough scope  in these characters to sustain the creative mind of Andi Ewington and anyone else delving into this world for a good many years. 45 feels like a sourcebook for a new world of Supers and Norms that is being created before our eyes and it will be interesting to see where that world is in the next five to ten years. – Forty Five Review

So this was my prediction for the Forty Five universe and here I am, a little over a year later, sitting down to write the review for Blue Spear the first title to spin out of the universe as created by writer Andi Ewington and host of artists.

I’m happy to say that I loved Blue Spear pretty much from the first page. I mean let’s be honest any comic who by page six has it’s here, who looks like one of the three storms from Big Trouble in Little China running up the side of a skyscraper already has my money.

The story is centered around the Blue Spear and the nefarious plans that Xodos, the shadowy corporation we first meet in forty-five, have for him and the mystical artifact he processes.

If you were any doubt about what side Xodos was on by the end of this comic it’s pretty clear. I don’t want to say anymore but two of the operatives Xodos use for this assignment will be familiar to people to remember forty-five.   Blue Spear is able to cover a lot of ground in terms of storytelling. Although the plot is fairly generic is you’re fan of this type of genre it’s told well, with deft character touches and some great one liners. Andi Ewington and Eddie Deighton take the time to build in  a few nice little interweaves with flashbacks exposing the reader to more of Blue Spear’s back story and his relationship to his brother.

What’s really clever is that Blue Spear stands alone as comic but if you’ve read and know the characters from Forty-five you get so much more bang for your buck.  It’s hard not get excited to be at the start of a whole new continuity unfolding before your eyes rather than trying to wade your way through years of it to understand what’s going on.

Blue Spear opens with one of the interviews taken from Forty-five. It’s a great way to bring people up to speed with Blue Spear’s world as seen through the eyes of his brother Akira Tomikawa. After I read the comic I went back to the interview and could clearly see where some of the influences for certain scenes came from.

The real powerhouse in Blue Spear it has to be the art by Cosmo White (cool name by the way). This is a truly sumptuous comic, with every page screaming  to be framed and hung on my wall.  Despite being a little confused, in places, by what order to read some of the panels I appreciated that the creative team were trying to do something different.  If it turns out the story isn’t your cup of tea you’ll be hard pushed not to be swept along by the art.

In many ways with so much characterization and story to fit in Blue Spear could have benefited from being longer. There was a lot more scope to expand the relationship of Blue Spear and his brother. Hopefully we may see this relationship explored further in future volumes perhaps.

As an opening salvo from the world of Forty-five it’s an effective one. They story is solid, if a little well-worn, with action sequences that are slick, well scripted and for some bad guys, extremely painful.

Once the main story is over you are greeted with some to a fantastic selection of pin ups and a gallery, making the comic well worth spending your cash on.

I look forward to see where Com.x takes us next on their tour through the Forty-Five universe as it’s off to one hell of a start.

Blue Spear is released in July from Com.x

GS Rating: 4 out of 5

GS Reporter: Nuge

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