COMIC REVIEW: Star Trek – Khan #1



IDW Publishing have launched a new Trek title: Star Trek: Khan #1; the five-part miniseries will be devoted to Trek’s most notorious adversary. The story opens straight after the end of Star Trek Into Darkness, but rather than Khan being put straight into stasis, we have the Federation stating its judicial case against Khan Noonien Singh. The comic then flashes back to Khan’s early history, from his childhood through to his rise to power during the Eugenics Wars. It also examines his reawakening at the hands of Admiral Marcus and Section 31. Following issues after #1 will actually address one of my big bug bears of the last film – Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t actually Indian?!? As I said, the story goes back to his beginnings, and in doing so, goes back to his roots as part of genetic experimentation in 1970’s Delhi, thus establishing his Indian heritage. The opening sequences of the trial even goes out of it’s way to point out that the Cumberbatch countenance looks nothing like the last recorded image of Khan, (seem here as Montalban’s version from the TOS episode “Space Seed”). Well written with a great collection of covers, this mystery alone will see me buying the whole series…

Source: IDW Publishing

GS Rating: 5/5

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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