Concept Artists in Action at Lakes International Comic Art Festival

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival has announced a special panel on comics and film at this year’s event. Four of the UK’s leading concept artists, Rob Bliss, Adam Brockbank, Glynn Dillon and Dermot Power, will sit on the panel and delve into the creative process behind bringing the characters and stories we love so much to the big screen.

The four, who have such film credits as The Dark Knight Returns, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Star Wars, the Harry Potter movies and Kingsman: The Secret Service under their belts, will spill the beans on why things look the way they do and what their main inspirations were when carrying out the process of adaptation.

Dobby Concept Art

The panel will be chaired by lecturer and film curator John McShane:

“Films and comics. The links go back to 1895 when the first fiction film to be shown in public – L’Arroseur arrose by the Lumiere Brothers – was also the first cinematic adaptation of a comic strip,” he argues. “Techniques now thought of as ‘cinematic’ – panning, angle changes, bird’s-eye view – were created by comics pioneers such as Uzes (1885). Fellini and Hitchcock always used storyboards. All the best films do.”

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival runs from 17th-19th October in Kendal, Cumbria. Tickets are available from the event website here.

Joker Concept Art

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