Cosmic Fun and Games With The Out of This World Weekender

If you start to get withdrawal symptoms when you haven’t had your daily dose of sci-fi goodness, the BFI’s Out of This World Weekender is just the event for you. Beginning on Friday 12th December, the event will feature all manner of films, workshops, music and food to blast your weekend into the next millennium.

Held at The Proud Archivist in London, the show starts off with a kids graffiti workshop, a film screening of Brother from Another Planet and a Hip Hop afterparty which will explore the themes of alienation through the four pillars of Hip Hop.

On Saturday, it will offer a “Make your own music” workshop which will teach you how to make instruments from everyday objects and create a film soundtrack. The day will also feature a screening of La Atena with live soundtrack by Esben and the Witch, followed by Silent Disco.

The Sunday has a Douglas Adams theme and sees a Create Your Own Alien kids’ workshop, followed by Brunch at Milliways, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe in which you can sample a Pan Galactic Garglebaster. After this, Unseen Douglas Adams shows rare footage of Douglas Adams’ work. The day is rounded off with A Hitchikers’ Guide to the Galaxy TV series marathon and a cocktail party.

Tickets can be purchased here and come in per day or weekend pass varieties.

Out of This World Weekender

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