Countdown to Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo 2010 – Day 17 ‘The Podcast Suite’

Welcome to the five-day countdown people, can you feel the excitement?

Today I turn my gaze to one of my fave pastimes, podcasting.

For the time at a UK comic convention the majority of the UK podcasters have banded together and in conjunction with the organisers of the expo, who have kindly provided us with the space, we give you The Podcasting Suite.

Check out the blurb below for all the info.

The Bristol Comic Expo, for the first time ever, will play host to
‘The Podcast Suite’

In this dedicated area the UK/US Podcasts; Geek Syndicate, Sidekickcast, Comic Book Outsiders, Comic News Insider , Birds of Geek, Waiting for the Trade , Small Press Big Mouth and Good Morning Geekdom will be recording interviews, roundtable sessions and more throughout the weekend.

The Podcasters will also be holding a drop-in session (5 – 6pm) where people interested in starting their own podcasts can come for help and advice.

An all weekend event hosted in the Summit 3 Suite 1st Floor Ramada Hotel

See you tomorrow!

GS Reporter: Nuge

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