Countdown to Bristol International Comic & Small Press Expo 2010 – Day 7 ‘Mercure and Ramada Panel Timetables!’

Welcome to Day 7 and more importantly it’s two weeks to the Bristol Con people (well it is if you’re like me and travel up to Bristol on the Friday). Anyway today I figured to help you lot plan your activities for the con weekend here are the panels being held at the Ramada and the Mercure. There’s some very interesting panels in there so hopefully something for everyone.

As far as I know, at the moment, we’re the only one to have the full panel line up. So without further ado here’s the line up for Sat/Sun at the Ramada followed by the Sat/Sun panels at the Mercure.



12.00pm COM.X


1.45 pm PAT MILLS

2.45 pm THE LOSERS


Close for Band Set up

MUSIC POWER COSMIC 9pm till late



NOON MMMS the Next Generation?


1.45pm VERTIGO

2.45pm 2000AD
Here are the Panels at the Mercure:


11.00am -Comic Writing for Dummies – How to Break Into the Comic Book Industry with  Martin Conaghan (Burke & Hare), Jim Alexander, Ferg Handley, Ian Sharman.

12.00pm – Signs and Portents with Chris Lynch, Gavin Jones, Dan Marshall,

What do William Blake, symbolic code breaking, aura reading, Byron, Howard Hughes, numerology, World War Two poetry, and cutting edge science all have in common? Find out as Gavin Jones and Dan Marshall (of The Sidekick Cast) probe the mind of Markosia word smith Chris Lynch and find out about his latest projects, including the critically acclaimed sci-fi thriller “The Dark”, available in a limited edition Expo Exclusive edition this weekend.

1.00pm – ‘Orang Utan Comics and Monkeys With Machineguns

Comic Book Outsiders

Orang Utan Comics and Monkeys With Machineguns are successful small press studios putting out high-quality content for the last five years. Join them as they discuss their experiences in the business so far, give advice to others looking to produce their own titles and their view of the future for small press and independent comics in a world where digital distribution is becoming increasingly important.

with Scott Grandison from Comic Book Outsiders hosting

2.00pm – Garen Ewing/Glen Dakin Breaking into Comics

Glenn Dakin, author of Candleman “the British Batman” and Garen Ewing, creator of The Rainbow Orchid and Julius Chancer “the British Tintin” join forces to talk about their work and their journey through the world of comics and book publishing

3.00pm – Image Main Panel

Full details coming shortly!


11.00am – Richard Starkings/Boo Cook/Ian churchill


1.00pm – Jimmy Aquino, Stephen Aryan, Dan Marshall, Dave Williams, Stacey Whittle

Comics Podcasting: The New Media?

Comic Book Outsiders (Stephen Aryan)- Co-hosts Scott and Steve bring their listeners the very best hidden gems from the worlds of independent comics, movies, books and TV. The podcast features creator interviews, topic discussion and a Sci-Fi and Fantasy book club. For more information visit
The Sidekick Cast (Dan Marshall)- The comic book podcast where you can find your sidekick with something for everyone from noob to nerd, green to greek and everything inbetween.
Waiting For The Trade (Dave Williams) – Brought to you by a pair of married comic lovers…err, that is two people who are married who love comics, not two people who love married comics, just so we’re clear on that. Each episode, Dave and Ang discuss the world of comics from the unique viewpoint of those who get their books in collected formats only.
Small Press Big Mouth (Stacey Whittle) – Bi-weekly podcast hosted by Stacey Whittle and Lee Grice. Review based podcast passionate about the small press, independent comics and webcomic creators. News, reviews and the odd interview as well as convention reports and an opportunity for blatent plugging of your product with our Tweet Tout competition.
Comic News Insider (Jimmy Aquino) – CNI (Since April 05) is your weekly podcast hosted by Jimmy Aquino & Joe Gonzalez for everything comic book, Sci-Fi, animation & pop culture. News, reviews & interviews w/ some of the biggest names in the comic book & entertainment fields including Stan Lee, Jim Lee, Joss Whedon, Garth Ennis, Steve Rude, Ed Brubaker, John Cassaday, Paul Pope, Ben Templesmith, Brian K. Vaughan, Michael Emerson, Michael Hogan, Rosario Dawson, Nathan Fillion, David Tennant, Russel T. Davies, Felicia Day, & many more! Fun & funny! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Moderator – Emma Vieceli (UK Manga artist w/ Sweatdrop Studios, etc.)

2.00pm – Tim Pilcher – Comic Book Alliance

The Comic Book Alliance

Come along and hear the latest news from the industry-wide not-for-profit organisation that is there to support fans, retailers, creators, distributors and publishers. Air your views on what’s grim and great about the UK comic industry and together we can put the world to rights! We have a lot of exciting developments to reveal with the founders, GM Jordan, Shane Chebsy and Tim Pilcher, plus surprise guests!

That’s all for now see you tomorrow!

GS Reporter: Nuge

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