Countdown to London Super Comic Con 2014 – Part 4

Welcome to Death Con 2014 two geeks enter and the con ends when one geek is disembo…wait that’s wrong let’s try this again. Welcome to the forth and final countdown to the London Super Comic Con (much better). By now I’m hoping you are all packed and the excitement levels are cranked up 100. Of course if your highest level of excitement is 1000 then we have some work to do on you. Let’s see if this last countdown can help you climb up a few levels.

3 million Years

As I come to rely more and more on apps like comixology for my digital comic offering it’s handy to have a few sites on hand to help me navigate the ever increasing digital space. One of my go to websites for digital info is 3 million years  and is run by Micheal J Nimmo.

3 Million Years is your mobile comics blog.

I will endeavor to bring the latest news, reviews and commentary in digital comics online, on iOS and Android.

If you are looking for comics on the iPhone, iPad, Android and other mobile devices this is where you get your news!

With news from Comixology, iVerse and other developers and the latest comics from the likes of Marvel, DC, IDW and more you can get all you need from 3 Million Years

Micheal will be wondering around the con and should be easy to spot as he will be protected by none other than the dynamic duo!
Michael J Nimmo ‏@michaeljnimmo  2m@GeekSyndicate I’ll be there with all my kids – my 4-year olds first! He’s going to be Batman, and my daughter Robin!


overrun website slideshow 3e

The city is at a breaking point. Living space is running out. Those in power are forced to execute a desperate measure – introduce a poison to wipe out a huge part of the population

This is no ordinary city, however. Overrun takes the reader into the heart of their own computer. Citizens are files. There are .xls business people, sexy spams and hip musician .mp4s. The space which is running out is memory – the poison a computer virus.

Political intrigue and epic action scenes take place inside this lovingly crafted world as we follow a group of friends, forgotten computer game heroes, as they fight their way through the virus infection which is transforming their fellow citizens into memory sucking zombies.

When Andy Ewington, writer of the brilliant mixture of comic and prose that was forty-five, first told me about his new project the computer programmer in me started salivating at the possibilities. Fast forward to today where I’ve read the first few pages of his special LSCC preview of Overrun and was happy to see that my faith has been rewarded.
I’ve not finished the preview yet as saving this for my trip down to London this evening but the signs are good for this one.
You can pick up the preview at  at the Limited Comix Edition stand (tables D415 to D428).

Gosh! Look at that Forbidden Planet Orbiting those Comics!

I don’t get down to my former home town(don’t worry Northampton I still love you) of London not nearly as much as I would like but when I do there are always three stops I try to make – Orbital Comics, Gosh Comics and Forbidden Planet. They are, for me, a little bit like London’s golden triangle of comics shops but unlike the actual golden triangle  they are more welcoming with far less drugs and gunplay (unless you pop in on a Tuesday evening).

All three of these shops will be in attendance at the LSCC trying to get you part with hard earned coin. Here’s what they are up to…


Gosh (Tables D407-D408)sd are no doubt wanting to create that Gosh moment when people hit their stand so not a lot of info on what they will be up besides selling some great comics and hopefully having a few special offers along the way.


According to twitter the team at Forbidden Planet are busy loading the van for @LSComicCon(or they were at lunch time). Check out their tables for variants, signed stock and loads of cool stuff!

Martin Stiff ‏will  signing copies of The Absence at  on Saturday 1 at 4pm on the Forbidden Planet stand (tables 115-121). As well as Mr Stiff (cue comedy pun) FP also have signings on Saturday afternoon from the likes Mike Dowling, Dan ‘best dressed man in geekdom’ Boultwood & Warwick Johnson Caldwell.



Looks like Orbital Comics are more than ready for the convention with a lot of stuff going on at their stall.

Orbital Comics is locked, loaded and ready for this weekend’s London Super Comic Convention at the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands. We’re taking along a huge array of new stock, including deals you won’t see or find in-store. Plus we’ll be giving away goodie bags to the first 50 people at the Orbital Comics booth on Saturday morning.

If that’s not enough we have a huge array of signings over the weekend. First up on Saturday, comic luminaries Peter Hogan & Yanick Paquette (Terra Obscura) will be signing from 12-1pm, followed by rising star Owen Michael Johnson (Raygun Roads) from 1-2pm.

The from 2-4pm Saturday, and 2-3pm Sunday, we’ll have original Miracleman artist/creator Garry Leachsigning exclusively at the Orbital Comics booth. Garry rarely makes any convention appearances these days, so this is a rare treat for fans of his work or those who have discovered him through the recentMiracleman reprints. Demand is sure to be high, so be early and don’t miss out!

If you don’t already have tickets for London Super Comic Convention you can still buy them here or cash on the door. We’ll have copies of Miracleman on sale (including the rare Garry Leach variant), along with Terra Obscura and the last few Raygun Roads, so you don’t have to remember to bring copies with you … Just make sure you’re there!

 Close Encounters

closeencountersSo now to give an apology and some love to my current home town of Northampton (yes I offer pop to Alan Moore to borrow a cup of sugar) and my local comic shop, Close Encounters. Back in my student days I used to visit the shop (although I don’t think it was called it then) and it was more like your traditional comic shop. It wasn’t bad or good it was just traditional. Years later I popped into the shop when it was announced that Northampton was having its own comic convention and was shocked by the modern and sleek look of the place. I had a long chat with the owner about how he’s run the shop and worked hard to build it into a comic shop to be proud. He has every right to be proud of it as it’s a great looking shop.

Ok love in aside Comic Encounters will be out the convention at Tables D110 – D114. They will not only be pimping their own wares but letting people know about the next NICE Convention which will take place 4th September 2014. On the Convention’s website the first wave of guests have already been announced with the promise that visitors to the Close Encounters table at LSCC can learn about the second guest wave.


LSCC Creator/Exhibitor Tweets!

Finally lets look at the last tweets of the day!

Colin ‏@captaincolin  49m On my way to #LSCC iPad full of comics and crappy costume packed. Beer ETA should be 2.30pm 🙂 
Daniel Clifford ‏@danielclifford6  1h Follow @artheroesuk this weekend for updates from our #roadtrip and #lscc.
Dave Gibbons ‏@davegibbons90  2h First of those signings is for @CBLDF. Exclusive poster, good cause. 11:00 am #LSCC
Sean Phillips ‏@seanpphillips  Off to #LSCC but I’ve forgotten my banner, so good luck finding my table tomorrow if you want to.
Avatar Press ‏@Avatarpress  Look for @kierongillen, @sispurrier, Jacen Burrows, Max Brooks, & William Christensen at London SuperCon #LSCC at the Avatar booth!
Oh crap I’m supposed to be getting a train to London now…well hope you enjoyed the countdowns and all that jazz. If you see me around at the weekend or any of the other member of Geek Syndicate stop us and say hi. Just don’t throw comics at my head or if you do please throw floppies as they hurt far less than graphic novels (300 I’m looking at you).
GS Reporter: Nuge
Source: LSCC


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