Countdown to Thought Bubble 2010 – Day Eight

Somehow thanks to insane Twitter hashtags and trying to finish my second book I’ve missed a few countdowns on the road to Thought Bubble 2010 (which is next week..woo hoo!) but I am back in the zone now people.

Onwards and upwards to Day Eight!

Comic Book Bizarre Fair

Apparently for those of you that stay the night of the Thought Bubble and have nursed your hang over with a large and well deserved breakfasts there are still a few things going comic wise thich may interest you.

Join us for our first ever Comics Bizarre Fair & Drop-In & Draw Sessions.

On Sun 21st Thought Bubble will take over the Art Gallery’s Tiled Hall for drop-in art & writing workshops, small-press tables & general comics fun! Various comic creators will get together for an informal comics jam, and to share their art, process & advice with others.

Join We Are Words + Pictures, & the Manchester Comics Collective for a free drop-in & draw session for people of all ages & abilities.

We Are Words + Pictures are a group of artists & writers who promote comics throughout the UK, alongside publishing the biannual Paper Science anthology.

The Manchester Comics Collective hosts a monthly session where comic artists, illustrators & anyone who likes to draw get together for a casual afternoon of doodling.

All materials provided. All welcome!

Now If you want to attend any of the talks/ workshops that will be happening around the Comics Bizarre Fair you will need to book you place in advance. Head here for more info.

Travelling Man Comics Swap!

Lets face it if you;re a typical geek like me you’re also probably a hoarder. I know I’ve got loads of comics, books and assorted other geek stuff I’m never going to use again but I can’t bring myself to get rid off. Well the Travelling Man event taking place on Friday 19th November may just be up your street. This one hour long events lets you trade any old comics, graphic novels,books or toys with fellow swappers at the shop.

I think this is a great idea and should by a nice opener so the convention the following day. It definitely make me wish I was arriving on the Friday now as there are a fair few things I could do with getting shot of.

The Thought Bubble Pre-Con Drinks Reception

I’ve never been to one of these at Thought Bubble but if it’s anything like the after part I’m guessing I’m going to be messing out on a lot of quality socialising and drinking with the guests and attendees. However I will be do a fair bit of pre-con drinking and socialising on the Friday with some fellow con attendees so hopefully I should be just as hungover as everyone else on Saturday morning.

The Pre – Con Drinks bash can be found at Bewleys Hotel Bar. The madness kicks off at 19:30.


Comic Pimps of the Day

As I’ve not had any pimps from you lot (come on pull your finger out!) I’ve stuck one in of my own.

Rather than me going on about how much I enjoyed this comic and that if you love old school martial arts with a dash of pulp I’ll let you read my review instead.

Scar Comics

Madam Samurai

The latest graphic novel release from Scar Comics, MADAM SAMURAI by the award winning creative team of Gary Young (Harry Brown) and David Hitchcock (Springheeled Jack), is now available.

A mute Japanese girl is compelled to travel across the world to the crime ridden street of Victorian London to find answers to her past and to find vengence for the death of her loved ones in this hard hitting and action packed adventure.

See you tomorrow!

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