Create your own comic with Comic Composer

For all you comic creator’s out there this could be the ticket to getting your comic published.

Aquafadas presents Comic Composer, a software application built for the efficient creation of highly interactive digital comic books, at Book Expo America. Comic Composer complements Aquafadas’ suite of digital publishing tools.

Comic Composer makes it easy to get your comic books to the next level and publish them to iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook or your Blog!

Aquafadas already offers plug-ins for Adobe InDesign and QXP to create rich-design interactive apps based on print books, magazines and brochures. Comic Composer is a solution tailored to the specific needs of comic books publishing.

Comic Composer allows you to easily transform your comics into animated comics by adding transition effects, zoom and camera movements. Comic Composer adds guided reading to comic books, providing an exceptional reading experiences that guides the user comfortably from scene to scene.

Creating a digital version of your comic is the first step towards its publication on tablets and smartphones. The second step is to create the iPad or iPhone application with AVE AppFactory, Aquafadas’ application generator. You can create a Comic Book app or a Comic Book Store supporting in-app purchase, without coding.

The final step is to manage the distribution of your comics and applications, and track sales using Aquafadas’ Digital Publishing

Sounds good and here are some screen shots to get you more interested..

SOURCE: Aquafadas

GS Reporter: Montoya

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