Dave Gibbons, Doug Braithwaite, Paul Cornell and Mark Buckingham recorded live on one Panel!!!

In this special panel, recorded live at the Birmingham International Comics Show 2008, the Geek Syndicate guys are joined by four UK comics titans. Dave Gibbons, Doug Braithwaite, Paul Cornell and Mark Buckingham.

This post also includes the first ever Geek Syndicate Vidcast!

Together they discuss how UK comic professionals have invaded the US and what their impact has been.

We also discover the differences working in both the US and the UK as a comic professional and what it takes to break into the US market.

Direct Download for podcast(no video) : GS BICS 2008 Special

Special thanks to D’Val for recording and editing the Vidcast!

Part 1

Part 2


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  1. Hey guys,

    Caught your interview via paul cornells blog. Great job.

  2. geeksyndicate /

    Cheers Ian., glad you enjoyed it.

  3. fred /

    Thanks for the videos. The bit about cloning fifty Lone rangers was fraking awesome.

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