DC Despatches: Arrow, Aquaman, Young Justice

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Whether it’s Warner Bros, The CW or the DC stable themselves, here are the world-wide mutterings!

This week: Man of Steel 2 or Arrow… where will NightWing land?! Aquaman? No, really!!! And can we look forward to Young Justice in 2015?

Arrow: co-creator Greg Berlanti revealed that despite rumours, Arrow has no immediate connection to the DC Comics universe that’s unfolding via Man Of Steel: “We haven’t had any of those conversations other than to say, what characters are we allowed to use this year and advocate or request certain ones that are of interest to us,” Berlanti said. “And every now and then, they’ll say, ‘You can’t have that guy’. They don’t say why, and we figure out why later on.” So using deep thought & logic, it now seems very unlikely that Nightwing will be in both Arrow and Batman Vs Superman, as if they’re going to deny The CW the use of Ra’s (or even Talia) al Ghul, the chances of them getting NightWing are somewhere between slim and anorexic. That said, they managed to prise Amanda Waller out of The Green Lantern and on to the TV.

Aquaman: yes, that’s right – the guy Raj always cosplays in The Big Bang Theory; well, there’s rumblings of big things for DC Comics’ aquatic wonder boy – possibly even a Warner Bros movie to tie in with the Man Of Steel universe. “He’s a priority character for the company,” Geoff Johns, who reinvented the character and serves as DC’s chief creative officer said. “There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most well-known characters among superheroes, and in popular culture.” Off late, Aquaman has been relegated to the very popular and well-made DC Animated Universe – there was a 2006 Aquaman TV pilot – starring Smallville’s Justin Hartley – but just think The Hoff’s turn as Nick Fury and you know what league we are talking about. So what are the options? With all of his superhuman strength, endurance, agility and healing, as well as limited telepathy and control of water, TV just doesn’t seem scalable enough for a show in the same vein & budget as Arrow, but with NightWing and Wonder Woman both tipped for roles in Man Of Steel 2, it’s going to look a bit crowded if they try to shoe-horn him in there… Unless (and I’m just throwing this out there) – unless, Warner Bros are playing games with us, and Man of Steel 2 actually becomes a Justice League prequel…

Young Justice: Arrow certainly have given DC the confidence to feel that Marvel shouldn’t be having it all their own way. According to a trusted and reliable Warner Bros insider, with The Flash already in development and Hourman rumoured to be on the drawing board, The CW are looking add to the DC Comics success that is Arrow: a new teen drama/romance “with a superhero twist.” Based around Young Justice, which in itself took its lead from Geoff Johns’ Teen Titans run, the team will is led by Superboy – the teenage clone of Superman – and Miss Martian – a shape-shifting, telepathic white martian who models herself on the Justice League’s Martian Manhunter. It supposedly has a 2015 air-date lined up, so can we possibly see it launched of the back of Arrow Season 3, or The Flash Season 1?

Sources: Fandango, Variety, Bleeding Cool
GS Reporter: SilverFox

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