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Whether it’s Warner Bros, The CW or the DC stable themselves, here are the world-wide mutterings!

Man of Steel 2 to be based on Kingdom Come, Terry O’Quinn to be Lex Luthor, it’s all in the name for Man of Steel 2, Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter cast in Arrow (no – the other one!), and The Flash to debut in his own spin-off!

Batman vs Superman: Warner Bros producer Daniel Alter has tweeted information that points to Batman Vs Superman / Man of Steel 2 being inspired by Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ Kingdom Come as well as Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. Tweeting about Zack Snyder’s sequel, he said “Can’t wait for #BatmanvsSuperman.. #batfleck semi-retired/not speaking to Robin anymore. Controlling drones from the batcave.” So this sounds like the backdrop for the seminal graphic novel, Kingdom Come, where an elderly Bruce Wayne controls remote Batbots from the ruins of Wayne Manor, while Dick Grayson fights crime solo. When Superman lands on the scene, Wayne straps himself into an exo skeleton similar to the one he uses to defeat Superman in The Dark Knight Returns… albeit with Oliver Queen on hand to help!

Much like Wonder Woman – Lex Luthor rumours are doing the rounds, albeit with a much smaller short list (you have to be bald to qualify), and now the latest name in the hat is my personal choice, Lost and 666 Park Avenue star Terry O’Quinn. For me O’Quinn has that perfect glint of menace in his blue eyes that goes all the way back to the Stepfather in 1987… but it’s worth remembering that Kevin Spacey isn’t bald and he still got the gig!

Warner Bros have registered a bunch of web domains in preparation for Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel sequel, and in there is a possible subtitle for the 2015 movie, if it’s not to be Batman vs Superman. Some of them are “hmm”, others are “ugh”:

  • Man of Steel Battle the Knight (please no!)
  • Man of Steel Beyond Darkness (really?)
  • Man of Steel Black of Knight (oh Lord, really!)
  • Man of Steel Darkness Falls (not appropriate – wrong storyline!)
  • Man of Steel Knight Falls (ditto above)
  • Man of Steel Shadow of the Night (you’re kidding me, right?)
  • Man of Steel The Blackest Hour (what!?!?)
  • Man of Steel The Darkness Within (No – stop now!)

How about MofS: Justice Begins, or MofS: Rise of the Legion – or just stick with Batman vs Superman… the fans will come…

Arrow: So, although Flash alter ego Barry Allen is set for his first appearance in episodes 8 & 9 of Arrow Season 2 (played by Glee‘s Grant Gustin), the Flash himself will now not appear until CW produce  a “standalone” pilot with a properly told origin story, rather than a backdoor tertiary storyline in Arrow episode 13 as originally planned.

Arrow Season 2 surprised us all by drafting in a Ra’s al Ghul / League of Assassins / Shadows; now the next step is the CW superhero show casting Spartacus: The War Of The Damned star Katrina Law as Nyssa al Ghul, the half-sister of Talia and “other” daughter of Ra’s, who trained both Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in the Dark Knight movies and Arrow villain Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman). Nyssa is set to debut in Arrow Season 2 Episode 13, arriving in Starling City to hunt down Caity Lotz’ highly successful Black Canary.

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