Dexters’ Half Dozen – Comic Review


Who’s it by?

Jamie Lambert and David Clifford

What’s it about?

North Africa 1941, Sir Dexter Kilby; Churchill’s occult adviser, puts together a team to fight the growing supernatural threat of the Nazis.
Sergeant Freeman of the newly formed S.A.S is drafted in to lead the rag tag group of criminals and misfits of the British army.

The team’s mission is to rescue one of Britain’s top spies from the Nazis occult stronghold at Wewelsburg castle. An impenetrable mountain top fortress deep in the heart of Germany. Little do they know that the Nazis are in league with an ancient vampire of unimaginable power. 

Review it

I picked up the first two issues of this comic at the Birmingham Con for two reasons. The first that I was promised a free drink if a bought an issue and the second the creators told me one of the comments about the book had been ‘It’s the Dirty Dozen meets Indiana Jones’. To be honest if they had told me the comment first they could have saved themselves a Coke.

Opening up the comic I heard the words ‘Dirty Dozen meets Indiana Jones’ echoing through my head and prepared myself for disappointment. Such a claim couldn’t be possible…could it? After I read both issues in one sitting I can honestly say this is ‘Dirty Dozen’, ‘Guns of Navarone’ and a dash of ‘Where Eagles Dare’ meets ‘Indiana Jones’ and I loved it.

I loved the gritty style to the art and I think that it’s definately better in black and white though I would be interested to see what one issue looked like in colour. This style may not appeal to those who purely read DC or Marvel but for me the art worked well and was a great fit with the writing which was top notch. There were some small issues with the lettering (pointed out me by the writer) but this did not distract from my enjoyment in the slightest.

All the characters  were weaved into the story in a proper, dirty dozen style, sequence. One of the things I liked about the characters is that you see a lot of their personailites shining through in the first two issues but each one of them also has a lot of unanwered questions. I hope we aren’t left hanging too long in the dark before we get some answers.

There was a real pulp feel to the issues from the mid adventure opening sequence with sets the tone to the cliffhanger endings. This would make for a great adventure movie.

So In short if you like the pulp adventure movies, comic and books of old with a huge dollop of action then definitely check out Dexter’s Half Dozen.

Rate it: 4 out of 5 stars

Dry Slaps: 0

GS Reviewer: The Nuge

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  1. bluemeanie /

    Totally agree. I picked up the first issue about 6 months ago and was really glad to see the second at the Birmingham Con.
    Cool art and story and a nice dark edge to it all. Top stuff.


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