Dissecting Worlds: Series 9 Running Order

The Dissecting Worlds Podcast is soon to start on it’s 9th series, bringing you more irreverent analysis of the intersection between the real, and fictional worlds of Geekdom. This series will be on Spies!; Rogues, Secret Agents and Covert Operatives across Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. We’re also going to stick in a couple of one-offs just to keep things fresh. Our planned running order all the way to next summer can be found below.

August: Series 8: Religion Conclusions

September: Special: Enemies of “Civilisation”: Barbarians and other Hordes

October: Series 9: Bond!

November: Series 9: Games in the Shadows (of the Apt)

December: Special: An Age old Story: Fathers and Sons

January: Series 9: Agents of ACRONYM: Superspies
February: Series 9: Spying on Utopia: Star Trek’s Secret Agencies
March: Series 9: Against the Unknown: Horror Espionage
April: Series 9: Dirty Tricks: Special Circumstances and the Culture
May: Series 9: Spies FeedbackJune: Series 9: Spies Conclusion

Hope you all continue to enjoy the show!

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