Doctor Who 50th Episode After-Party: By the Numbers


If you didn’t get a chance to see the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode last night, you may not picked up on two of the many other Doctor Who programmes that also aired. One was Peter Davison’s wonderful The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (no seriously, go to BBC iPlayer before they remove it) – it’s the funniest things you’ve seen in a millenia.

The other was Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode After-Party : apart from Tom Baker’s engaging interview: “What? Was I in it? Did they use some archive footage of me?”, K-9 got to rattle of some stats – some old, some new, some unknown, some I knew – and here they are:

  • No. Hearts: 2
  • No. Doctors: 12
  • No. of times Engaged: 2
  • No. of times Married: 2
  • Times visiting planets that look like earth quarries: 29
  • Time visiting an actual earth quarry: 1
  • Alien Menaces Fought: 212
  • Encounters with the Daleks: 26
  • Encounters with the Cybermen: 17
  • Famous historical figures encounters: 51 including Winston Churchill, Agatha Christie, Charles Dickens & Van Gogh
  • No. of times Dr #1 said “Hmm”: 852
  • Recorder performances by Dr #2: 15
  • No. of fights for Dr #3: 45
  • No. of Jelly Babies offered by Dr #4: 19
  • Cricket balls thrown by Dr #5: 6
  • Colours on the 6th Dr’s coat: 18
  • Question marks on the 7th Dr’s jumper: 268
  • No. of kisses by Dr#8: 3
  • No. of times “Fantastic” said by Dr #9: 13
  • No. of times “Allons-y” said by Dr #10: 19
  • No. of times a fez worn by Dr #11: 5
  • No. of TV episodes: 799
  • Total screening time: 359 hrs, 31 min & 10 sec OR 14.98 days
  • Years since the Dr Who TV series started: 50

Only a geek a would do this!

Incidentally, the overnight ratings for 50th Anniversary Special episode show that 10.18 million people tuned in to see it live, the largest overnight viewing figure for the show since the first Matt Smith Christmas episode, “A Christmas Carol” (10.3 million). It peaked at 10.61 million. The episode is also currently number one on iPlayer, and the BBC expect a massive shift upwards when the data for the number of people who watched using catch-up services is released.

Reporter: SilverFox
Source: BBC

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