E3 2014: News Wrap-up

Here’s what’s new and notable from this year’s E3 conference thus far.

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Scalebound is an Xbox One exclusive from Platinum Games

Happy Wars is a free to play, family friendly, cross platform, 4 player couch co-op title

Dying Light is a first person action game full of zombies and darkness

Dance Central continues as a downloadable game: Dance Central: Spotlight

Dead Rising 3‘s DLC, Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha, lets you dress up as familiar male AND female Capcom characters

Ori and the Blind Forest is a new platformer, for Xbhox One only

Microsoft unveils Halo: The Master Chief Collection, containing all the main titles

Fable Legends is 4 player co-op, lets you play as the villain

Cuphead is an Xbox One indie that looks striaght out of the ’20s

Rare’s character Conker becomes part of Project Spark as a playable character

Killer Instinct adds TJ Combo to the roster

Phantom Dust is Being remade for the Xbox One

A new Crackdown comes to Xbox One


New top-down Lara Croft game, Temple of Osiris, coming to consoles. See the trailer here.

Tomb Raider sequel, Rise of the Tomb Raider, coming in Holiday 2015. See the trailer here.


EA Reveal Madden 15, NBA Live, PGA Tour, and NFL 15

The Battlefield: Hardline beta is available TODAY on PS4 and PC. Beta coming this fall for other consoles

New  Mirror’s Edge 2 footage

EA joins the MOBA landscape with Dawngate

Star Wars: Battlefront returns in 2015

Mass Effect 4 is coming




SOE has a new zombie MMORPG, H1Z1



Assassin’s Creed Unity allows for 4 player co-op

Shape Up is Ubisoft’s new fitness game

The Crew comes to you this November

Rainbow Six Patriots has become Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft presents Valiant Hearts, set in World War I



GS Blogger: VichusSmith

Sources: Eurogamer, Polygon, IGN, ANN, EGMNow, Giant Bomb

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