ELEVATOR PITCH – Freak Out Squares #1 (of 4)

Elevator Pitch: Freak Out Squares #1 (of 4)

Writer: Harry French

Artist:Garry Mac

Colourist:Harry Saxon

Letters & Production: Colin Bell

Publisher: Unthank Comics

What is Freak Out Squares?

Freak Out Squares is sugar-coated cynicism, with a break neck storytelling pace and Pop-comics sensibilities across all four issues. Freak Out Squares’ fun, bubblegum exterior masks an inversion of the ‘Art Saves’ narrative.

When Harrison Stargazer discovers that his idol – cosmic rock god Johnny Orion – is actually a robotic tool of Governmental suppression, he vows to rid the world of all false idols. Accompanied on his mission by a broken Rap Android in search of his own voice, a firebrand community activist and the disembodied head of Johnny himself, Harrison intends to lead a crusade against the phonies and the fakers, the corporate cogs and the culture-vultures.

Why should we pick this up?

“(Freak Out Squares) rides squarely atop the zeitgeist… it feels like the type of early Vertigo

book we might have seen from the likes of Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Buy.” –

Multiversity Comics

“Another brilliantly executed concept from the Unthank Comics crew” – Big Comics Page

“ A great opener for the series and it’s definitely another indie for the “must read” suggestion

list” – Comics Anonymous

You can buy Freak Out Squares from http://readfrenchcomics.bigcartel.com/


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