English Voice Cast for Re-Dub of 90’s Sailor Moon Announced

Sailor Moon is at the top of everyone’s “must-see” list right now (but it’s always been there for plenty of us!). VIZ Media has released the new English voice cast for the re-dub of the 90’s version of Sailor Moon at Anime Expo 2014.

I’ve been watching the original series on Hulu but you can also catch it on NicoNico, Crunchyroll & Neon Alley – all for free! Also tune in to the new Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal, a re-imagining of the iconic series that more closely follows the manga in story and style.

But onto the news! The English-speaking cast is as follows and some folks might recognize Johnny Yong Bosch’s name – he formerly played Adam Park on several series of the Power Rangers franchise:

  • Stephanie Sheh as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
  • Kate Higgins as Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury
  • Cristina Vee as Rei Hino/Sailor Mars
  • Amanda C. Miller as Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter
  • Cherami Leigh as Minako Aino/Sailor Venus
  • Robbie Daymond as Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask
  • Michelle Ruff as Luna
  • Johnny Yong Bosch as Artemis
  • Danielle Nicole as Naru Osaka
  • Ben Diskin as Gurio Umino
  • Tara Platt as Ikuko Tsukino
  • Keith Silverstein as Kenji Tsukino
  • Nicolas Roye as Shingo Tsukino
  • Cindy Robinson as Queen Beryl
  • Todd Haberkorn as Jadeite
  • Liam O’Brien as Nephrite
  • Lucien Dodge as Zoicite
  • Patrick Seitz as Kunzite

There are plenty of clips on YouTube where you can hear some of their voices and the first DVD/Blu-ray & regular DVD release is set for November 11. Pre-orders are now open at RightStuf.com (Limited Edition & Regular Edition) and will include the 1st half of season one. I’m usually one to wait until a series is completely done to get DVD sets but with this one – I can’t!

Source: VIZ Media

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