EVENT: MCM London 26 -28 May 2017 – Friday Round Up

Day One of MCM London May 2017 – DONE.

And it was an absolute scorcher.  I think the temperature outside reached around 28 – 30 degrees today so I did the sensible thing and stayed inside the ExCel to avoid getting burnt to a crisp.  And inside was surprisingly spacious and cool for once.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still hot, but the layout had clearly been thought out very carefully so there are very wide aisles and lots of empty spaces to allow for good airflow and to avoid overcrowding.

In fact, the layout this year is excellent.  All the different areas are the best laid out I’ve seen so far at an MCM and I’ve been attending for nearly all of them.  There are very defined areas such as Gaming where there are some huge stands from people like Playstation and Game, Pop Asia, VidFest and Comics Village.  Also, there is a big area with some big players such as an entire DC area, official Funko stand and Universal Pictures.

It felt like a relatively quiet day for an MCM Friday, but I think that was probably a combination of the heat keeping people away as well as what happened in Manchester.  It’s certainly the quietest I’ve ever seen MCM on a Friday.

DC have their own area this year, something that I’ve not seen at MCM before, and they’ve brought with them some of the costumes from Wonder Woman (VERY cool) and you can even Wonder Woman yourself with a Snapchat like filter.  The queue was too long when I was there, but I’ll be going back tomorrow or Sunday to give that a go.  They’ve also got some Batman and Superman life size figures, and entire bank of computer screens so that you can try out the new DC game, Injustice 2.

Something that really caught my eye is an art exhibition by Snickers with broken game console controllers.  Each item has a brief explanation and a set of headphones so you can listen to the full length story about how the console ended up damaged and beyond repair.  It’s fascinating and I kept going back to it today.  I’ll probably make a few more visits over the weekend and it has absolutely nothing to do with the free (full-sized) Snickers.

Lastly, I’m sending a shout out to Tab Kimpton of Discord Comics for having the frankly genius idea and putting together the Rainbow Road of Comic Con, a floor plan pointing out all the LGBTQ friendly stand owners and creators.  Swing by stand N1 to check out all the fabulous queer merch!


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