EVENT: MCM London May 26-28 May 2017 – Thursday

The time has come my darlings, MCM LONDON IS UPON US!!

Yes, my friends, the nerds are descending on the ExCel in London (they are, i can see them from my balcony) and London’s biggest geek convention starts tomorrow.  As I sit here on the apartment balcony that we have for the weekend, watching my fellow nerds walk by being excited and greeting friends that they haven’t seen since the last Con, I’m equally as excited for the weekend to start.  This is going to be my last weekend Convention for at least the next 12 months so I’m really looking forward to making the most of the weekend with my lovely, beautiful, amazing nerd squad.

So, what does the weekend have in store for us this weekend?  Well, this could be the most packed MCM that I can remember with the panel rooms chock-a-block for the whole weekend.  Want to know what’s going on and where?  Then head on over to the official MCM website for a full schedule and floor plan: Schedule & Floor Plan

And there is something for everyone this weekend: legends like Nichelle Nichols and Warwick Davis, a special Author’s Corner with authors like Jason Arnopp and Alastair Reynolds, and Peter F. Hamilton, there’s the Pop Asia section, VidFest UK and, of course, MyM Buzz.

On a more serious note, two things to remember if you’re coming to the ExCel this weekend:

  • It’s going to be incredibly hot this weekend and the ExCel is not best known for its air conditioning, so make sure you stay hydrated, stay in the shade and make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen.
  • With the terror threat currently at Critical across the UK, please be vigilant.  Don’t be a dick with what props you bring in with you.  Be patient with the increased security that will be going on this weekend – there will be more thorough bag checks and security checks, so the queues will be longer and take more time.  So please be patient with the people trying to make this weekend as safe as possible for us all.  Most of them are volunteers and are working in 30 degree heat all weekend.

So be kind, be vigilant, stay safe but have fun!
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