EVENT REVIEW: The 2014 London Toy Fair, Olympia London

So the other week, Montoc and I got in touch with our “inner child” and paid a visit to the London Toy Fair, courtesy of the kind people at Bastion.

There were plenty of highlights at this stellar event, but here’s just some of my favourites:

Lego – the Lego stand was simply amazing!! And the very kind people at Lego, who just couldn’t do enough for us, and some of whom have got the coolest jobs ever (seriously – they get to see stuff well before it hits the screens in order to design & build models of it); highlights included

  • the new City sets, based around polar exploration
  • Agents Ultra – the upgraded “Agent” sets with new hardware for the spies to play with
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – new sets to tie-in with the upcoming cinema reboot
  • Star Wars – our personal favourites, new versions of old favourites including the imperial cruiser and AT-AT; and a new set of £9 models of firm favourites like the Falcon and X-wing with mini-figures included; we also found out here that Lego have a great new trick up their sleeve in the form of “stud guns”, which fit into the hands of figures and actually fire bits of Lego!
  • Lego Junior – above Duplo, and completely compatible with standard Lego, they include new superhero vehicles
  • New DC & Marvel Superheroes – the Batman sets are excellent, introducing Man-Bat and NightWing – AND we caught a glimpse of the new Guardians of the Galaxy set
  • Lego Movie – whole new sets and mini-figures based around the new Lego Movie
  • Mixels – think “Moshi Monsters crossed with Lego”!

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Games: clearly, we were there in our capacity of Geek Syndicate Table-Top Gaming Reviews, and so here are a few tha really caught our eye:

  • Elemons: best pocket game – a brilliantly simple card game, featuring characters based on the Periodic Elements (think Metal Men comics), built around the rules of Paper-Scissors-Rock and following the story of the The Scenton Alliance – Elemons are creatures that originate from a spherical core forged from The Monolith and Pure Elements. The Elemons display powers that reflect their core elements in ways that have never been seen before. But they must be captured first before they fall into the wrong hands! Check them out at http://www.elemons.com/
  • Logan Stones: best portable game – a two player strategic game built on memory and tactical thinking. It is requires no board, using 18 tactile pieces that are etched and painted on both sides with different symbols. The game has simple rules that are based on the visually recognisable symbols of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Read more at http://gen42.com/g42-logan-stones
  • Who Knows Where?: possibly the best board game we saw the whole day: follow the clues & work out the locations to globe-trot ahead of a your friends, in a game that can be played in four very distinctly different ways of difficulty – find out more at: http://www.whoknowswheregame.com/

My favourite stand after Lego, had to be Hasbro:

  • Transformers – a new selection of figures including the Dinobots, in anticipation of the upcoming Transformers: Extinction movie
  • Spider-Man – a brand new range of weaponry, cosplay and large size figurines being launched for the Ultimate Spider-Man TV show and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 film
  • Marvel – a new range of figures and cosplay toys based around Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Nerf – have a new range weapons including longbows and crossbows, cashing in on the popularity of The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games

HASBRO Nerf N-Strike Zombie Crossbow

Best sub-£5 toy without doubt goes to Wicked Micro Riderz – measuring just 4.5cm in length, these mighty, mini motorbikes whizz off at super scale speeds of up to 470mph. Relatively speaking, “they’re the fastest motorbikes in the world!” Simply rev them up to unlock their awesome power potential.  Don’t be fooled by their size, these pocket powerhouses of speed can travel up to an impressive 60 metres – they can also perform mind blowing stunts and tricks with ease; copter spin, head spin, hyper spin, high jump and many more.

Bike Selection

Finally, a big shout out to Danielle and the lovely people at Esdevium Games, who have provided many games for us to review over the past few months… they discussed many new titles with us including

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Guardians of the Galaxy HeroClix,
  • King of New York, DiXit
  • Avengers vs. X-Men DiceMasters,

check out these and other new titles at http://www.esdeviumgames.com/

All in all, the London Toy Fair is a great day out, for toy & game affecianardos and geeks alike; a well organised affair with the best range of suppliers in the market – if you get a chance to go next year… take it!

Source: http://www.btha.co.uk/toy-fair/

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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