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Day three of London MCM Expo! I met a load of great cosplayers, saw a fashion show, shopped at my favourite independent geeky businesses and heard about the awesomeness that is the new Lego Marvel Super Heroes game!


This was my first time covering MCM as a journalist and I was super excited about it. I was covering panels this year, not just cosplay, so I thought I’d go for a couple of hours on the Saturday and hang around outside the venue interviewing cosplayers. Normally, your allowed in the main hallway of the Excel Centre and the surrounding gardens without having to purchase a ticket. It meant that members of the public and passers by who wondered why there was a massive crowd of super villains and heroes, wizards and Pokémon gravitating towards the Excel Centre, were able to interact with them and learn more about the event. But that’s all changed this year: unless you had purchased a ticket for the event you had to be out of Excel, off the grounds and beyond the first hotel. This was a massive let down compared to previous years and made me feel like I’d been excluded from the event completely. Conventions are meant to be inclusive; a place where like minded people can meet and share their love of comics, cosplay, anime or whatever it is they enjoy about conventions. Also, MCM have become much tighter on weapon checks. On Saturday I cosplayed as Shaun of the Dead and got my cricket bat confiscated the explanation given was that  ‘I wasn’t using it for its intended purpose’ and yet I was allowed to go into the convention hall and purchase a samurai sword? Ok…

Ranting aside, when I went on Sunday, I had the best time ever! I saw a couple of panels, met more cosplayers and bought things from my favourite independent businesses.


I had a sneaky look at the Tokyo Fashion Showcase at 2pm before heading over to the Lego Marvel Super Heroes game panel. I hadn’t seen any of the fashion showcases at MCM before and it was pretty cool. Each subculture of fashion was shown through three looks and explained by the host, so you got a lot more info about the ins and outs of each look.


Tokyo Fashion Showcase

I would have loved to go over to the Cosplay Surgery to see if they had advice for how to make sturdier chainsaw blades (had a massive wardrobe malfunction in the strong winds…), but it clashed with the Lego Marvel Super Heroes panel, which I was desperate to see. The newest addition to the Lego Empire, involves Nick Fury assembling the Avengers, X-Men, Spiderman and The Fantastic Four to take down Galactus. This is by far Lego’s most ambitious adventure, with over 150 characters, all with their unique moves, the amount of content and little quirks make this game look amazing. Among the amazing breadth of characters are Loki, Jean Grey (plus Phoenix and Dark Phoenix), Captain Britain, Blade… and Howard the Duck. All are voiced by talented voice over actors like Troy Baker and Roger Craig Smith who were interviewed on the panel. Clark Gregg voices agent Coulson and Stan Lee is voiced by Stan Lee. Yes, Stan Lee is in the game, as an actual character. When the developers asked Stan which superpowers he’d like to have in the game, he wanted all of them. He can web swing, torch (but doesn’t die because he has Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton), and he can even become Stan Hulk. He’s a pretty awesome character! If you pre-order on PS4 from participating retailers, for a limited time, you get the free Asgard expansion pack, including Lego Jane Foster. There are also a load of super cool locations include New York, X-Mansion and the Helicarrier from The Avengers, all with extra bonus quests, which are narrated by Deadpool!

All in all, it looks incredible. If I had a PS3 or 4, I’d definitely be pre-ordering right now!



I didn’t have much time for shopping this year, but I did manage to make it to my favourite stalls! Resurrection Comics is brilliant and offer a discount to cosplayers, so I stocked up on old Wonder Woman’s. Last year I found an Art Nouveau style cover and wanted to find more like it this year! Next on the shopping list was a tee from Cakes With Faces. I bought their new alien design for MCM, which you can find here if you fancy one for yourself. Finally, I decided one tee wasn’t enough, so I headed over to Tom Ridgewell’s (famous for the TomSka YouTube channel) and found one of the last I AM A STEGOSAURUS shirts (video here at 0:48). It was a large, but I don’t care! It’s awesome and so comfy. As well as all these goodies were the compulsory boxes of Poki so I had something to munch on the tube back home.


Of course, there was amazing cosplay at this year’s Expo. I photographed people in unusual costumes and love getting the stories on why they chose to cosplay that character. The level of detail and effort put into these costumes was amazing. There was a Doctor Octopus with tentacles made from individual pieces of foam all stuck together with aluminium rods for support, plastic and LEDs in each of the huge claws. It was by far one of the most impressive things I saw this year. Making a reappearance this year was Capt. Jack Sparrow, who has the most detailed costume ever, collecting new pieces all the time to add to it. I’ve seen him a couple of times at MCM now and he just goes around the con by himself, staying in character the whole time. He’s awesome! We also managed to speak to Arwen, Lara Croft, some Disney Princesses and Queen Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood, all of who made their own costumes. I cosplayed as Atomic Wonder Woman from the new Infinite Crisis. It was my piece I’d made for my Cosplay on a Budget article, which you can read in the next issue of GS Magazine! I found regular Wonder Woman (who was a delight to chat with) and had a few snaps together. It was great to see most people at the Expo in costume and we had a super fun time!


The incredible Doctor Octopus



Capt. Jack and Shaun/Jess of the Dead




Capt. Jack with that *amazing* costume detail


Lara with her handmade axe





Queen Esther Blanchett in all her finery



Ruffle detail



Queen Esther Blanchett and orb detail

wonder woman

Myself as Atomic Wonder Woman with classic Wonder Woman

Apart from the new setup, this year’s MCM Expo was great. It was wonderful to meet cosplayers and learn about their work and the panels were so much fun! Can’t wait until next May!

Source: London MCM Expo 2013
Reporter: Jess Hawke (photos: Patricia Gomes)

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