EVENT REVIEW: Newcastle Film & Comic Con

Last weekend I joined thousands of other geeks at the second Newcastle Film and Comic Con. This is one of the newer events in Showmasters annual calendar and was held over two days at the Metro Radio Arena.

I visited on the Sunday and Cosplayers were out in force, showing that the community is growing daily. There were hobbits, anime and superheroes all circling the arena with their purchases. My particular favourite was Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle who could barely move from people wanting to get their photo taken with him.

A slightly blurry but awesome turtle - Cowabunga dude!

A slightly blurry but awesome turtle – Cowabunga dude!

The reason I had driven from Glasgow to Newcastle was to meet Buffy star, Spike himself, James Marsters (who was lovely and proves that good cheekbones don’t fade with age). Other guests included Garrett Wang, Eve Myles and James Cosmo, who were all doing a roaring trade with their autographs every time I walked by.

Teenage dreams do come true!

Teenage dreams do come true!


It was a well attended event and the queues to get in seemed to be well managed (which is always an issue when you are trying to get thousands of people through the door). It was also great to have something covering the North East as the appetite is clearly there. I do have an issue with it being called a ‘Con’ as it very much seems to be focussed on the traders area first and foremost with the photo ops/autographs and talks shoehorned in. It may be that they choose large arenas to hold these in (the same comments could be said about the one they hold in Glasgow) and these big spaces don’t lend themselves very well to your typical convention experience.

Overall though, it was the fans themselves that made it more than just a large geek marketplace. Every fanboy/girl and cosplayer made it feel like it was a community coming together to celebrate the things that we love and for that alone, it was worth the drive.

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