EVENT: Gaming at MCM London May 2017

I think it’s safe to say that MCM really stepped up to the plate this weekend with all things gaming.  There are usually a fair amount of gaming stands, but this year it was really well thought out and there were some BIG names in attendance, most notably Playstation.  They had a huge bit of floor space and brought a lot of new stuff with them.  It was mainly VR stuff, but it was all playable as a demo if you had the patience to queue for long enough.  They brought with them a ton of cool games to try out, but I’m most excited about Star Trek: Bridge Crew.  It’s a VR game and is a fully co-op game for up to 4 people and gives you a chance to captain your own Star Ship whilst completing a mission.  Funnily enough, the BBC Click team happened to be reviewing it on BBC Breakfast this morning before I headed to Con and it looks like a whole ton of fun. Completely immersive and a proper team effort. All the actions you take and decisions that you make, no matter how small, will affect your mission and have an impact on you crew.  Basically, it’s a VR Kobayashi Maru test.

Game also showed up with a huge stand stacked the rafters with merch to buy, and whenever I walked past, it looked like they were doing a roaring trade.

There was also a Tekken 7 stand with whole banks of consoles for you to have a go yourself at the rumoured ‘final’ installment of the game.  I was keen to have a go myself but the queue was usually a constant 30 minute wait.

Nintendo were also in attendance with a Switch stand and then smaller booths with games to demo such as Harvest Moon and Cooking Mama for the DS.

The two biggest gaming stands after Playstation were Agents of Mayhem and Injustice 2, both with stand-alone enclosed booths with banks of monitors and consoles for everyone to try them out.

All in all, the gamers at MCM this weekend really had their needs catered for.  This year featured the biggest gaming section I’ve ever seen at MCM with some really big names.  I really hope this trend continues, because I often felt like the gaming was a bit of an after thought and squashed into a fairly small area.  This year they had nearly an entire hall to themselves, which was fantastic.


GS Blogger and MCM Reporter: Vix

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