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So, last year I missed Destination Star Trek: London, the first of these CBS / SyFy events, but I made sure I would get down to Frankfurt for the 2nd one. Well, I got there at 5.30 on Friday (the first day) and it was a lot quieter than I expected – if there was more than 1.5K people here, I’d have been surprised! But I was assured from last year’s event that the number would grow by the next day. That said, there was a very good selection of merchandise, gaming and photo stands, I suspect that they all did well that weekend! There was a good selection of break out zones, including a Klingon centre full of lots of props for play, and an absolutely brilliant prop & costume museum:

IMG01101-20140221-1809 IMG01102-20140221-1809

Below: the Klingon Break-Out Zone and Enterprise Bridge Photo Opp



Below: More props & costume in the museum, including some of Gene Roddenberry’s personal effects  



So later on at 7.30, we had the opening ceremony and introduction of all the attending stars. This in truth, was a near riot – the organising staff had let people sit down for over an hour, and then decided to allocate them to platinum, gold, silver ticket holders etc, asking people who had sat patiently to now move back many rows. Not a lot of happy people then… That said it was a good opening, with the stars coming on 2’s and 3’s to give 5-10 minutes of greetings and the promise of some entertaining talks on Saturday and Sunday. Alice Krige (the Borg Queen) promised that the audience would all be assimilated by the end of the weekend to great applause, and then Tim Russ confirmed that he’d be playing with his band at the party later that evening.

So onto the next day. As it turns out, the agenda for the Saturday was pretty identical to the Sunday, so in truth, you didn’t need to spend the whole weekend there. We assembled for the first set of talks – once again, we sat for 45 mins in unallocated seats at the front, and then had to move when staff decided to reallocated them to gold, silver ticket holders etc… sigh. Credit where it’s due though, this truly was an international event, with attendees from Norway to Greece, and the US to Montenegro – they were all there!

Here is a re-caps of the some of the talk highlights:

Martina Sirtis & LeVar Burton

  • I think Marina was still drunk from her introduction speech last night – she’s hilarious & incredibly blue!
  • Marina confirms a new recurring role on NCIS as the head of the Mossad – and apparently managed it without an audition!
  • Marina’s priceless reaction to the news that LeVar has a Hollywood Walk of Fame star and she doesn’t!
  • Turns out that Marina is a Spurs fan and proves her dedication by showing us her Tottenham tattoo!
  • If they ever reboot ST:TNG, Marina wants Mila Kunis for to play her as Troi!
  • Marina acknowledges that Gene Roddenberry & his wife were like adoptive parents to Marina during the filming of ST:TNG
  • Conversation around Star Trek Into Darkness not being “a film in the spirit of Roddenberry” provokes the joke-filled debate of which was worse: ST: Insurrection or ST: Nemesis?

Gates McFadden and Michael Dorn

  • Michael comments on his inter-series transition as the ST:DS9 crew not as wild as the ST:TNG crew
  • Michael is very proud to have had three on-screen recurring character girlfriends, which he thinks is a series record!
  • Gates comments on her delight at being a strong female single mum role model, even meeting some girls that were inspired to grow up to be doctors and surgeons, and how her son was so exposed to the Star Trek world that he learnt to walk on the bridge of the Enterprise!

Brent Spiner

  • I actually met Brent Spiner, very briefly, and asked for a sound-bite… He tried to bite my hand (well that doesn’t happen every day!)
  • So Brent starts off with his “faulty mute mic” gag, posing for photos for the audience, and then welcoming everyone to Dusseldorf & Berlin!
  • Armin Shimmerman then gatecrashes Brent’s speech to remind everyone he was in fact, the first Ferengi – ever!
  • Brent delights the audience by letting on that his son is a big fan of Dr Who, and having been to a Dr Who con the previous week in Los Angeles, and read the cross-over Who / ST: TNG comic, he says a Data comeback via “being rescued by Dr Who before he blows up” would be worth filming!

Karl Urban

  • Despite queuing up with a big crowd of young ladies, it turned out that Karl got the smallest crowd: only half the hall is filled – which in my mind sadly seems to reflect there being an anti-JJ reboot sentiment at the event.
  • Karl did greet the crowd in pretty okay-German, and confirmed that whilst his German isn’t very good, it’s still much better than Bill Shatner’s!
  • Highlight: Karl Urban confirms they have a story for Star Trek 3, and should start shooting at the end of the year; he also suspects that “after the 3rd film, Star Trek will return to TV, but not with this crew”!

Dominc Keating and Connor Trinneer

  • Last night’s highlight act were Connor & Dominic and their alcohol-fueled quick-fire Q&A including the merits of drinking around the world at cons, allegedly smoking pot, con groupies, drag queens & Jolene Blalock’s butt!
  • This afternoon they did not disappoint the audience as OMG – they’ve been drinking again!
  • Dominic wows us all as he sings his alternative version of Faith of the Heart!
  • Connor confirms that Scott Bakula is to head up the new NCIS New Orleans

Bill Shatner

  • Prior to appearing on stage, extra wall panels are added to the seating area so that non-ticket holders outside the stage area can’t peek in at the legend that is Bill Shatner!
  • Bill says of his ST: Generations death scene, after years of hearing “Captain’s on the Bridge”, he always wanted to utter the words, “Bridge on the Captain!”
  • Bill comments on Leonard Nimoy’s Spock being included in JJ’s Star Trek films, but that “there is no appropriate place for his Kirk in those movies”
  • Announces that he will shortly complete his 10th documentary, a project based on the craziness surrounding the first two years filming of ST: TNG

Below: Bill Shatner comes on to a huge welcome in Frankfurt!


I have to say, that I really enjoyed myself over the weekend, and every discussion was thoroughly entertaining. Value for money? Well, it’s not cheap: tickets were €35 per day, and whilst that got you into most discussions, the high profiles ones like Bill Shatner and Karl Urban were an additional €15 per session. I didn’t catch the costs of photo ops, but autographs ranged from €15 for the tier 2 stars to €45-€50 for the likes of Urban & Shatner. Personally it’s not something that I could afford to do every year – but if you’re a fan, you need to do this just once!

Source: http://www.destinationstartrek.com/

GS Reviewer: SilverFox

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