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Ah, MCM.  The convention when I always manage to have pre-con Con flu, and this year it would seem that it’s no different, hence my absence from MCM on opening day yesterday.  I spent the day in bed pumping myself full of Day Nurse and desperately attempting to shake of my fever so that I wouldn’t miss out on today. And SUCCESS! I made it to MCM today and had a blast!

As per usual, Saturday was busy but there have been some excellent changes to MCM this year that made the whole thing feel much less cramped.  This suits me perfectly as I don’t do too well in massive crowds.  Gone are the days of literally anyone being able to walk into the convention off the street.  The grass area at the back of the ExCel is now fenced off and security is much more visible and tighter.  Personally, this made for a better atmosphere than last year and I was able to enjoy it a lot more, despite my snotty nose and cough!

The original cast of Being Human

The original cast of Being Human

I started the day catching the very end of The Importance of (Not) Being Human panel with the original cast of the awesome Being Human.  From what I managed to catch of the panel, all 3 of the stars were as lovely as usual and it felt like a very informal chat with your mates.  Then it was on to the Lego panel, Building Blocks…In A Galaxy Far Far Away where Graham Goring (lead story designer at TT games) walked us through a level of the new Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens game.  Graham is a perfectly charming individual who made the walk-through hilarious and he took lots of questions afterwards, which was really nice to see.  Anyone who loves the Lego video games is going to go nuts for this one.  Not only do they have all the actors from the film doing the voice work on the game, but it also looks to be a lot more playable that past Lego installments.  There are a ton more side games and puzzles, and the characters each have a lot more playability.  And for those of you that get obsessed with collecting ALL the ‘shinys’, there are more than I’ve ever seen in any other Lego game!

Graham Goring being adorkable and fanboying about meeting Carrie Fisher

Graham Goring being adorkable and fanboying about meeting Carrie Fisher

I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering the Con floor with fellow blogger Jess, checking out all the merch and spending my hard earned cash on lots of things that I don’t need but desperately want.  Artist Alley/Comic Village is as big as ever this year, so much so that I didn’t manage to get around the whole area while I was there.  I shall definitely be heading back tomorrow to check out some new indie comics and pick up yet more adorable merch.

From as cosplay point of view, the vast majority seemed to be anime related.  Now being a grumpy old woman, I know nothing of anime so I have no idea what or who most of the people were dressed as.  All I know is that they were fantastically weird and wonderfully colourful.  I also got quite nostalgic when I spotted all the Warhammer cosplayers – took me right back to my youth.  This MCM is certainly the best so far for cosplay and variety.

All in all, despite feeling pretty rotten, Saturday at MCM has been one of the best yet.  I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I shall be in full Captain America garb so come and say hi if you spot me!

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