London MCM Comic Con 2016 – Weekend Round Up

MCM LogoMy observations of London MCM Expo May 2016: a jolly good time seemed to be had by all!

A round-up of the weekend’s shenanigans at ExCel London for MCM London May 2016

Me as R63 Cap on the Sunday

Me as R63 Cap on the Sunday

Another year, another May MCM at London’s ExCel Centre.  This will have been my [mumbles rather high number] MCM and there were both good and bad points of this particular expo. Being a 20 year veteran of both the Con and cosplay scene, I have seen much change over the years, most of all the numbers that attend, and this weekend was no exception.  With each Con, the numbers rise and it becomes a struggle for the crew to keep up. Despite this, the weekend just gone was, and I speak for myself here, the smoothest MCM yet. Security had been increased which I for one was grateful for, the aisles were wider on the Con floor and everything seemed to be better laid out than any of the others I’ve been to. I know that many have complained about how tight security was this year and some have had props confiscated to be returned at the end, but then it’s about time that UK conventions started to crack down on this. At SDCC, there is a very strict weapons policy and considering that someone turned up to MCM this year with an actual sword, I’m glad that the rules are getting stricter.

On a slightly more sour note, I do have rather a lot to say on the conduct of a small chunk of the geek community, but I shall save that for a further piece that I’m working on. Needless to say, I’m a little bit cross about a few things.

Anyway, moving on…

Once again, the standards of cosplay have risen for another year.  The level of skill and talent on show at MCM this year was truly astonishing. I wanted to get more pictures on the Sunday but being dressed as Cap and having a shield to lug around made stopping to take other people’s pictures almost impossible. I’m hoping that fellow ‘Nuge’s Angels’ Fia and Jess got some good ones on my behalf. I did seemed to get stopped a lot on the Sunday for photo ops. But then what cosplayer doesn’t enjoy that!

Comics Village seemed to be even bigger than ever which is something that I wholeheartedly support. I want to see more indie comic writers and artists at big Cons like MCM. Some of the best comics I have ever read have come from conventions and some only have runs of about 20 copies. I believe very strongly about supporting the up and coming comic creators of this world and somewhere like MCM is a fantastic place to do that. So bravo MCM for having even more talent there this May!

All in all, it was a great weekend. I felt safer at MCM this month than I have for a little while, which can only be a good thing. The layout was better, the crew tighter and it just made for a much more enjoyable atmosphere than usual. And to top off my weekend, the official Jessica Jones twitter account AND Jessica Jones herself, Krysten Ritter, liked my tweet after I went as JJ on the Saturday. Talk about the cherry on the cake of a fabulous weekend!

The MCM crew and organisers can give themselves very well deserved pats on backs and some cups of tea. Thanks guys for a great Con and see you in October!

Reviewer: Vix

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