Everquest II goes free-to-play

SOE– will unleash a free version of the popular MMO Everquest II titled Everquest II: Extended. The game will operate parallel to the paid version and will be effectively a separate game from Everquest II.

Instead of adapting the entire Everquest II to the free-to-play model like Dungeons & Dragons Online and LOTR: Online, SOE is bifurcating the game and will release two distinct entities. Players will have the option of taking part in the subscription-based game or the completely free game. Extended will give players access to all the paid game’s zones, including those added with the game’s Shadow Odyssey expansion.

Extended will adopt a microtransaction business model, whereby players can purchase power-up potions, armor, classes, races, weapons, mounts, and more through the marketplace. Additionally, Extended will use a smaller Web-based application download model allowing would-be players faster access to the game.

Everquest II: Extended is currently pegged to be released “on or around August 17.”

Source: Gamespot

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