Ezio Returns This Autumn!

Ubisoft today posted a Press release detailing the return of Ezio Auditore in the latest Assassins Creed game, ‘Revelations.’ Headed, like the other games in the franchise, by Ubisoft Montreal, Revelations will follow Ezio to Constantinople (not Istanbul) where (hopefully) all the loose ends will be tied, as this is the final chapter in ‘The Ezio Trilogy.’As well as the continuation of the award-winning story mode, Assassins Creed: Revelations will expand on the Multiplayer experience, defined in Brotherhood. Boasting extra Maps and Characters, it seems like we’ll all need to put a few more hours in on Brotherhood before the November release date of Revelations.

Finally, in the picture below, published on IGN, you see an all-new weapon/gadget – the ‘hook blade’ hanging from Ezio’s sleeve. This is the first definitive addition to the plethora of weapons and potions features in the previous games.

What improvements, additions and story developments would everyone like to see in the next game? Comment below or go to our Facebook page. Alternatively, tweet me! (@Tom_1994)

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: Ubisoft Press Release/IGN

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