FASHION NEWS: Star Wars at New York Fashion Week

A high end fashion house did a geek thing at New York Fashion Week: the Rodarte AW14 collection finale was Star Wars prints galore. The dresses in question are rather wonderful, but why so much attention?

Yoda and the Death Star, Rodarte AW14 at NYFW

Yoda and the Death Star, Rodarte AW14 at NYFW

Snaps of the Grecian style dresses were popping up on Twitter left, right and centre as the models of NYFW glided down the catwalk at the Rodarte show. But as much attention as these looks received, is it really such a big deal? Rodarte is known for having bold and somewhat off the wall designs. What they’ve done with the Star Wars ‘theme’ is just whack a picture of a thing/character onto a nice piece of silk and turned it into a dress. Because it’s not conventional for the geek world to mix with the fashion world, it’s seen as a ‘daring’ thing to do. Is it really though?! Ok, so the top half of the dresses have had some thought go into them and show development as a collection, but it seems like they got a little lazy with the bottom half. It’s a bit like the galaxy print craze that’s been going around- an easy way to make people want the piece of clothing. It would have been better if they’d taken inspiration from Star Wars and mixed elements of different things into the collection, not just plonked an image onto an item of clothing. Nevertheless, I still want that Death Star dress.

Another company who print all things nerdy are Black Milk Clothing. But that is what their brand is about. They start with a basic item of clothing (in this instance, leggings) and print cool things onto them. Black Milk started with lots of fandom related prints and have since expanded their range of designs. I would LOVE some things from there! Check out their gloriously nerdy collections here.

Luke, Rodarte AW14 at NYFW

Luke, Rodarte AW14 at NYFW

Back to Rodarte and Star Wars though. They are lovely lovely dresses. If only they had done this collection next year, they could’ve raised the profile of the brand even more by dishing out the dresses to all the actresses for the premier of Star Wars VII. Missed a trick there.

Source: Jezebel

Photos: Dazed

Reporter: Jess Hawke

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