Final guests for True Blood Convention August 2011

With only 10 weeks this Friday until this event kicks off, Massive Events revealed the final two guests to attend the convention dedicated to the HBO orginial series, True Blood.

The guests already announced:

And the final two guests are:

Fans of Lost may remember Grant Bowler from his role as Captain Gault, as well as appearing in Ugly Betty, The Cape and much more.

Marshall Allman will be remembered by a lot as LJ Burrows from Prison Break. He has also acted in Hostage, The Ghost Whisperer, Mad Men and a host of other shows.

Now this should be a very interesting event, and yours truly will be attending and telling all about it after, but having attended last year’s, I can tell you that even if you’re not the world’s biggest fan, you should get yourself along for the thrills and spills of the weekend!

Read more here or visit the official page!

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