First Pictures of Valve’s Steam Machine

Valve Software, co-founded by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington, is a big name in PC gaming. The company doesn’t want to stop there.


In September, Valve unveiled their Steam OS, and with it, the Steam Machines— consoles made to run Steam’s new software. Steam Machines will be made by third party companies, but this one is straight from Valve. It looks like a cross between a Wii and Xbox, with a big, circular area on its face that looks like an eclipse when lit. This prototype looks like a small form factor computer case, with all of its insides sitting snugly next to one another.

What this Steam machine prototype does not have is a drive for physical media; they will  download programs and games only. No games made exclusively for Steam’s console and controller have been announced yet, but Valve has stated that Steam Machines will not have any exclusive titles. Steam Machines will make their presence known sometime in 2014.


Reporter: Vichus Smith

Source: Engadget

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