Flash Gordon issue 1 Comic Review (Audio)


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Who’s it by ? Brendan Deneen and Paul Green

What’s it about ?

My version of Flash Gordon is actually quite faithful to the original concept. For research, I read the 1930s Alex Raymond comic strips. I updated a number of elements and put together a treatment from there. I’ve retained everything that has made Flash Gordon stand the test of time. Flash and Dale still have a romantic relationship (though it’s more complex than in any previous iteration I’ve seen), they’re still rocketed off to Mongo with Hans Zarkov, and Ming is still a ruthless tyrant bent on controlling his planet. However, Dale is now a CIA agent, Flash is a former Olympic athlete and current Yale professor, and our three protagonists are separated pretty much immediately after landing on Mongo.

Brendan Deneen

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One comment

  1. Great review – spot on with everything.

    Although it is often overlooked, lettering can really make or break or book as it controls reading oreder, gives visual clues to how characters sound, how loud sounds are, their “texture” and “colour” etc.

    I think Richard Emms lettering on this book is some of the best I have ever seen.Every sound effect is perfect, and there is no confusion about what to read first. Have a look in particular at what he does with the growling in issue 2. A growl is kind of a sound effec, but it is made by a living creature so it is kind of “speech”. How he solves this is genuis.


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