Flash Gordon Issue 1 – Comic Review

The most recent attempt to adapt Flash Gordon was the Sci-Fi channel’s reinvention of the character in it’s dire TV show.  In this adapatation Flash and co jumped between Mongo and Earth by the aid of a teleporter which looked like a remote control (cough…Sliders rip off…cough), there were no spaceships and Zarkov gave nerds a bad name.  The evil Ming looked like a Mountie and…I could on but there will be tears.

As I die hard Flash Gordon fan I really tried to like this show but it just didn’t work on any level for me. I’m setting all this build up to say that when I heard about a new reinvention of Flash Gordon in comic form from Ardden Entertainment I groaned and thought “Great, here we go again.”  However, I’m here to tell you flash fans out there to rest easy as I could not have been more wrong.

From the very first page this is the Flash Gordon you want to read; esapcist, pulp sci-fi action and spaceships (seriously Sci-Fi channel no spaceships…really?).  The art is rich and lush and fits the story perfectly. Flash is a mulsce bound, latern jawed hero and Dale is a beatuiful, fiesty and more than capable companion/ CIA agent.  Zarkov is back to looking how he should look…like a crazy scientist (with a hairstyle that would give doc brown from Back to the Future a run for his money). The plot  moves fast and is different from the orginal plot but with more than enough nods to keep the spirit alive.  If I had one critism it’s that the dialgoue sometimes is a little stretched out but that is my only cristism on a great first issue.

Obviously the real test will be how the planet Mongo is handled and of course Emperor Ming but if this first issue is anything to go by I shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

I’ll be posting my copy off to the Sci-fi Channel with a letter that will start “This is how you do Flash Gordon!” 

Rate it: 4 out of 5

Dry Slaps: 0

GS Reviewer: The Nuge

Find out more over at Ardden Entertainment

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